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May 22nd, 2007

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2nd quarter 2007

The 2nd Quarter internet tournament for 2007 will be held on Saturday 16 June. Entries for the tournament are now open. Please let Andre know if you want to play, and please make sure your SAGA fees for 2007 are paid up. You can mail me at – aconnell (at) cinet (dot) co (dot) za – if you wish to enter. Entries will close on 10 June 2007.

For players new to the internet tournaments, rules and format can be obtained by request, or looking at the previous internet tournament pages and on the site. A good starting point is here.

Entrants so far:
Andre Connell
Steve Kroon
Andrew Davies
Chris Welsh
Victor Chow
Aki Zhou
Konrad Scheffler
Lloyd Rubidge
Reinhardt Messerschmidt
Guillaume Binet
Rory Beling
Jonathan Jones
Florian Breuer
Jaco Swanepoel

Final results:
1 Victor Chow
tied 2-4 Andrew Davies
tied 2-4 Andre Connell
tied 2-4 Aki Zhou
tied 5-7 Konrad Scheffler
tied 5-7 Steve Kroon
tied 5-7 Reinhardt Messerschmidt
8 Rory Beling
9 Chris Welsh
tied 10-12 Lloyd Rubidge
tied 10-12 Jonathan Jones

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