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June 13th, 2005

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South African Contenders’ Tournament

The top 4 placed players of 2004, gaining automatic entry to the 2005 tournament, are:

1st: Ben Gale (2d)
2nd: Konrad Scheffler (1d)
3rd: Cheng Lai (2d)
4th: Julius Paulu (1k)

The 4 qualifiers from the Candidates’ tournament are:
Victor Chow (6d)
Paul Edwards (1d)
Bob Gale (2k)
Welile Gogotshe (1d)

Cheng Lai and Bob Gale did not participate in the contenders’ and were thus placed 7th and 8th, based on their previous SA Closed results.

The results of the round-robin tournament, helod on 23-25 September 2005, were as follows:

Players  B.G   K.S   J.P   V.C   P.E   W.G  Result Final Pos.
1 Ben Gale X W+ X B+ X 2-3 4
2 Konrad Scheffler W+ B+ X B+ X 3-2 3
3 Julius Paulu X X X X X 0-5 6
4 Victor Chow W+ W+ B+ W+ B+ 5-0 1
5 Paul Edwards X X B+ X B+ 2-3 5
6 Welile Gogotshe B+ B+ W+ X X 3-2 2

Tie-breakers: Welile placed above Konrad because he beat him in their match. Similarly, Ben placed above Paul.

Note that the top 4 positions qualify automatically for next years’ Contenders’ tournament.

The original results file for the tournament, showing each round’s games, can be downloaded here.

Also see Konrad’s insider viewpoint on the tournament.

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