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June 13th, 2005

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The top 4 placed players of 2003, gaining automatic entry to the 2004 tournament, were:

1st: Ben Gale
2nd: Paul Edwards
3rd: Julius Paulu
4th: Leander Gaum

The other 4 participants were: Konrad Scheffler, Cheng Lai, Kagiso Mampe and Chris Visser.

The final positions were (note that the top 4 placements qualify automatically for the 2005 Contenders’ Tournament):

1st: Ben Gale (2d)
2nd: Konrad Scheffler (1d)
3rd: Cheng Lai (2d)
4th: Julius Paulu (1k)
5th: Leander Gaum (3k)
6th: Kagiso Mampe (2k)
7th: Paul Edwards (1d)
8th: Chris Visser (1k)

Full results available here.

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