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June 10th, 2005

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                R1      R2      R3      R4      R5      R6      R7     Score
Victor Chow     Bob(L)  TrT(L)  SiM(L)  LeG(L)  JuP(L)  PEd(L)  Ben(L)   0
Ben Gale        TrT(W)  Bob(W)  LeG(W)  SiM(W)  PEd(W)  JuP(W)  ViC(W)   7
Paul Edwards    SiM(W)  LeG(W)  Bob(W)  TrT(W)  Ben(L)  ViC(W)  JuP(W)   6
Julius Paulu    LeG(W)  SiM(W)  TrT(L)  Bob(W)  ViC(W)  Ben(L)  PEd(L)   4
Leander Gaum    JuP(L)  PEd(L)  Ben(L)  ViC(W)  Bob(W)  TrT(W)  SiM(W)   4
Sipho Mampe     PEd(L)  JuP(L)  ViC(L)  Ben(L)  TrT(L)  Bob(L)  LeG(L)   0
Tristen Taylor  Ben(L)  ViC(W)  JuP(W)  PEd(L)  SiM(W)  LeG(L)  Bob(L)   3
Bob Gale        ViC(W)  Ben(L)  PEd(L)  JuP(L)  LeG(L)  SiM(W)  TrT(W)   3

Places for 2003:

1st: Ben Gale
2nd: Paul Edwards
3rd: Julius Paulu
4th: Leander Gaum
5th: Bob Gale
6th: Tristen Taylor
7th: Victor Chow
8th: Sipho Mampe

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