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August 16th, 2005

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SA Contenders’

This was the first SA Contenders’ Tournament, so the 4 previous South African WAGC representatives were seeded into the tournament: Victor Chow, Paul Edwards, Clive Hunt and Chris Visser.

In addition, the following players qualified from the Candidates’ stage: Ben Gale, Kagiso Mampe, Leander Gaum and Tristen Taylor. Tristen however, did not play.

The tournament was held on 24-26 September 1999.


Players  V.C   P.E   C.H   C.V   B.G   K.M   L.G   T.T  #Wins Final Pos.
1 Victor Chow 1 7-0
2 Paul Edwards 5-2
3 Clive Hunt               4-3
4 Chris Visser 4-3
5 Ben Gale 3-4
6 Kagiso Mampe 3-4
7 Leander Gaum 2-5
8 Tristen Taylor 0 0-7

Since the previous WAGC representatives took the top 4 places, they retain their seeded positions for the 2000 SA Contenders’.

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