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June 8th, 2012

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The tournament was held in the the library of Bergvliet High School, Cape Town from the 24th to 26th of September. Of the 8 players who qualified, 4 were based in the Cape and 4 in Gauteng. Victor, being so much stronger than the others, was given special permission to play his games beforehand (as it turns out, 1 game is still to be played, but I have credited Victor with the win for the sake of this report).
As usual, there were a number of upsets, time pressure finishes, wins against the run of play and exciting battles. Notably Konrad finished most games in byo-omi, his game against John requiring 8 moves in 12 seconds.
There was a great friendly atmosphere to the tournament which contrasted with the intense competitive spirit in which the games were played. On Saturday night the players and wives/children went to a local restaurant for a meal together.
Congatulations to:
– Victor for winning the tournament.
– Welile, in second place, being promoted to 2d
Out of a possible 7 points, the final placings were:
7 points: Victor Chow
6 points: Welile Gogotshe
5 points: Konrad Scheffler
3 points: John Leuner
2 points: Andre Connell (5th), Andrew Davies (6th), Sam Scott (7th)
1 point: Chris Welsh

(Tie-breaks were based on the results of games between the tied players).

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