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January 24th, 2009

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The weekend of 12-13 July 2008 saw some tense Go being played on KGS for the right to play in the 2008 Contenders.

Seeded through to the second day were

Andrew Davies (2d)
Sipho Mampe (1d)
Welile Gogotshe (1d)
Paul Edwards (1k)
Andre Connell (1k)


On the first day, playing for the three available slots to get through to the Sunday, were

John Leuner (1k)
Steve Kroon (1k)
Lloyd Rubidge (2k)
Rory Beling (3k)
Carle Jouber (3k)
Chris Welsh (3k)
James Gelant (5k)
James Nicolson (5k)

Due to the fact that only 3 players could qualify, the format of the Saturday stage was as follows:
after the first 2 rounds, the two players on 2 wins would automatically qualify for the next day. The 4 players on 1 win would have to playoff to earn the final spot.

After the first two rounds, the unbeaten players were John Leuner (beating James Gelant and Steve Kroon) and, remarkably, James Nicolson (beating Rory Beling and Chris Welsh).

In the playoffs, Chris Welsh beat Carle Joubert and Lloyd Rubidge had a good win against Steve Kroon. In the final playoff game, Chris Welsh beat Lloyd Rubidge (for the 2nd time that day) to grab the last available spot.


The Sunday proceeded more or less to form, the only notable upset being the loss of Welile Gogotshe to Chris Welsh. Welile also lost to Andrew Davies, meaning he lost out on qualification. The players who qualified for the Contenders were thus

Andre Connell (unbeaten)
John Leuner
Andrew Davies
Sipho Mampe

* Two players were promoted after the tournament, Chris Welsh to 2k and James Nicolson to 4k

** In a belated announcement, John Leuner was promoted to 1k during the Joburg Open

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