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May 25th, 2006

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SA Candidates

The 2006 Candidates Tournament will be held on the weekend of the 15th and 16th July, with the backup weekend being the 29th and 30th of July. If the tournament is not completed in time for the Contenders’ tournament, the top four qualifiers will proceed to the Contenders’ tournament.

The qualifying tournaments for the 2006 Candidates were:

  • Stellenbosch Open 2005
  • Johannesburg Open 2006
  • Cape Town Open 2006
  • Soweto Open 2006

The four players automatically seeded through to the second day are:

    Cheng Lai
    Julius Paulu
    Tristen Taylor (confirmed as available)
    Paul Edwards

The eight players playing on the first day for spots in the second day’s competition are:

    Andrew Davies (confirmed as available)
    Sipho Mampe
    Bernard Broens
    Lloyd Rubidge (confirmed as available)
    Leander Gaum
    Steve Kroon (confirmed as available)
    Reinhardt Messerschmidt (confirmed as available)
    Jaco Swanepoel (confirmed as available)

If any of these players can’t participate, reserves will be in order:

    Daniel Wium
    Rory Beling
    David Richfield
    Guillaume Binet

Details and calculations for selection can be provided on request, contact the tournament director, Andre Connell

For further information, refer to
and or contact Andre Connell.

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