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June 16th, 2005

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SA Candidates’ Tournament

The dates for the South African Candidates’ Tournament for 2005 has been provisionally set for 16 and 17 July 2005, subject to finalising venues. If the tournament, which will be held partially over the internet, is not completed that weekend, it will be resumed on 23 and 24 July. If for some reason the tournament is not completed in time for the Contenders’ Tournament, the top 4 qualifiers will proceed to the Contenders’ tournament.

The qualifying tournaments for 2005 were: the 2004 Western Cape Open, the 2005 Cape Town Open, and the 2005 Johannesburg Open.

The top 12 qualifiers for the 2005 Candidates’ Tournament, in order, are:

Number Name Rank
1 Victor Chow 6d
2 Welile Gogotshe 1d
3 Paul Edwards 1d
4 Andrew Davies 1k
5 Tristen Taylor 1k
6 Bob Gale 2k
7 Leander Gaum 2k
8 Lloyd Rubidge 3k
9 Sipho Mampe 2k
10 Reinhardt Messerschmidt 4k
11 Steve Kroon 5k
12 Bernard Broens 4k

Download the notice of qualifers, with more details on the selection process, and the names of the people who just missed qualifying here.


Download the official SAGA results document (MS-Word).

The SA Candidates’ tournament 2005 was held on 16-17 July, with the Western Cape players playing at Computeria in Long Street, Cape Town, and the Gauteng players playing at the Gale residence. All cross-region games were played on KGS, and are available by clicking on the relevant game below.

After resorting the candidates according to rank and index after the last qualifying tournament, the 8 participants for the first day’s 3-round Swiss tournament, in order were:

  • Andrew Davies (1k)
  • Leander Gaum (2k)
  • Bob Gale (2k)
  • Sipho Mampe (2k)
  • Lloyd Rubidge (3k)
  • Reinhardt Messerschmidt (4k)
  • Bernard Broens (4k)
  • Steve Kroon (5k)

Day 1, Round 1
Andrew (W) bt Lloyd (B) by 58.5
Reinhardt (B) bt Leander (W) by resign
Bernard (W) bt Bob (B) by 14.5
Sipho (B) bt Steve (W) by resign

Day 1, Round 2
Andrew (W) bt Bernard (B) by 12.5
Reinhardt (W) bt Sipho (B) by 16.5
Bob (B) bt Lloyd (W) by 36.5
Leander (W) bt Steve (B) by 18.5

Day 1, Round 3
Andrew (B) bt Reinhardt (W) by resign
Bob bt Sipho
Bernard (W) bt Leander (B) by 10.5
Lloyd (B) bt Steve (W) by 9.5

The winner of the day was Andrew Davies, and the players with 2 wins were Bernard, Reinhardt and Bob. These 4 players proceeded to the second day of the tournament. Together with the top 4 qualifiers, and resorting according to rank again, the players in the second day, in order, were:

  • Victor Chow (6d)
  • Welile Gogotshe (1d)
  • Paul Edwards (1d)
  • Tristen Taylor (1d)
  • Andrew Davies (1k)
  • Bob Gale (2k)
  • Reinhardt Messerschmidt (4k)
  • Bernard Broens (4k)

Day 2, Round 1
Victor (W) bt Andrew (B) by resign
Bob bt Welile by forfeit
Reinhardt (B) bt Paul (W) on time
Tristen (B) bt Bernard (W) by 2.5

Day 2, Round 2
Victor (W) bt Reinhardt (B) by resign
Bob bt Tristen
Paul (W) bt Andrew (B) by 22.5
Welile (B) bt Bernard (W) by 28.5

Day 2, Round 3
Victor bt Bob
Paul bt Tristen
Welile (W) bt Reinhardt (B) by 6.5
Andrew (B) bt Bernard (W)

As a result of this, the tournament winner was Victor Chow, and the other players with 2 wins on day 2 were Welile, Paul and Bob. These 4 players proceed to the SA Contenders’ tournament, the final phase of the SA Closed Championship.

Final standings in the SA Candidates:

  1. Victor Chow
  2. Paul Edwards
  3. Bob Gale
  4. Welile Gogotshe
  5. Tristen Taylor
  6. Andrew Davies
  7. Reinhardt Messerschmidt
  8. Bernard Broens
  9. Leander Gaum
  10. Lloyd Rubidge
  11. Sipho Mampe
  12. Steve Kroon

Tie-breaking issues: Bob bt Welile, so is placed higher. Paul placed higher than Welile in last years’ tournament, and Bob did not qualify for last years’ tournament, so he is placed higher than both of them. Tristen placed higher than Andrew last year, so he is placed higher again this year. Reinhardt did not qualify for last year, so he is placed below both of them. Leander automatically qualified for the Contenders’ tournament last year, so he places above Lloyd, who was placed above Sipho in last years’ tournament.

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