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June 13th, 2005

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Announcement (slightly modified):
(Download the original SA Closed 2004 announcement containing this info here.)

The Joburg Open, Pretoria Open and Cape Town Open were all qualifying tournaments for the 2004 Candidates.

Gauteng games: Westdene Recreation Centre
Western Cape games: Cape Town (where?)
Cross-region games: internet games (KGS?)

The following players qualified to participate in the tournament, held 14 and 15 August 2004:

  1. Victor Chow
  2. Cheng Lai
  3. Andrew Davies
  4. Konrad Scheffler
  5. Welile Gogotshe
  6. Chris Visser
  7. Tristen Taylor
  8. Kagiso Mampe
  9. Sipho Mampe
  10. Lloyd Rubidge
  11. John Leuner
  12. Sakkie Buys

On 14th August players numbered 5 to 12 will play a three round Swiss. The four players who win 2 or 3 games will proceed to the next day’s play on the 15th August when they will meet players numbered 1 to 4 in a three round Swiss. The four players who win 2 or 3 games on the second day will proceed to the Contenders’ tournament.


Because Sakkie and Victor did not play, as well as the logistics of arranging internet play, the tournament format was altered to a 4-player round robin on day 1, between Kagiso, Sipho, Lloyd and John. Lloyd and Kagiso had the best results in this round robin, so proceeded to the 8-player, 3-round Swiss tournament on day 2. In this regard, see the final announcement of qualifiers and tournament schedule available here.

Download the final results of the tournament here.

Final placings (the top 4 qualified for the 2004 SA Contenders’ Tournament):

Position Name
1 Chris Visser (1k)
2 Kagiso Mampe (2k)
3 Cheng Lai (2d)
4 Konrad Scheffler (1d)
5 Tristen Taylor (1k)
6 Andrew Davies (1k)
7 Lloyd Rubidge (3k)
8 Sipho Mampe (2k)
9 John Leuner (5k)
10 Victor Chow (6d)
11 Sakkie Buys (6k)
12 Welile Gogotshe (1k)

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