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August 16th, 2005

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SA Candidates’ Tournament

(in 1999, this stage was also known as the Challengers’ stage)

The only qualifying tournament for the 1999 SA Candidates’ Tournament was the 1999 Joburg Open.

The following players qualified to participate in the tournament, held 31 July and 1 August 1999:

1. Ben Gale (1k)
2. David Lubinsky (2k)
3. Julius Paulu (3k)
4. Kagiso Mampe (5k)
5. Tristen Taylor (5k)
6. Sakkie Buys (6k)
7. Daniel Chow (4k)
8. Leander Gaum (5k)
9. Paul Mantzios (6k)
10. Charles Levitt (7k)
11. Bob Gale (9k)
12. Sipho Mampe (8k)

Sakkie Buys and Charles Levitt, who were unable to play, as well as Bob Gale and Sipho Mampe, dropped out of contention on the first day. The remaining 8 players were to play a 3-round Swiss on the second day, but David Lubinsky did not compete. The players with 2 or more wins proceeded to the Condenters’ stage.

Results of Day 2 Swiss tournament:

Pos. Name #Wins SOS Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 Leander Gaum 3 5 bt Julius bt Kagiso bt Ben
2 Ben Gale 2 6 bt Daniel bt Tristen lost to Leander
3 Kagiso Mampe 2 5 bt Paul lost to Leander bt Daniel
4 Tristen Taylor 2 3 Bye lost to Ben bt Paul
5 Paul Mantzios 1 5 lost to Kagiso bt Daniel lost to Tristen
6 Daniel Chow 1 4 lost to Ben Bye lost to Kagiso
6 Julius Paulu 1 4 lost to Tristen lost to Paul Bye
8 David Lubinsky 0

As a result, Leander, Ben, Kagiso and Tristen proceeded to the Contenders’ stage.

Info obtained from SAGA Newsletter 23, October 1999.

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