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June 8th, 2012

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The Candidates tournament was played over 2 days, 4th and 5th July. It produced many exciting games, some surprises and some let-offs.

Congratulations to the following players:
Chris on winning the Candidates.
Chris, Paul, Andre and Lloyd who have qualified for the Contenders (SA Closed).
Lloyd who earned his promotion to 1k.

Day 1
Two reserves were required to replace James Nicolson (business trip) and Rory Beling. All results followed their ratings except for Lloyds upset victory over Chris. The final positions for day 1 were:
Paul Edwards
Lloyd Rubidge
Chris Welsh
Steve Kroon
James Gelant
David Richfield
Paul Steyn
Clint Smythe

Day 2
The top 4 from day 1 proceeded to day 2. They joined the 4 players pre-qualified from last year. Welile planned to play from an internet café, but either he was not permitted to install Java or there were power problems. He missed round 1 and withdrew when he was not ready for round 2. Sipho mysteriously vanished – not to be seen again, so disappointingly there were many byes.

That said, day 2 produced some great games. Chris and Lloyd both achieved upset wins over John. The final positions were:
Chris Welsh
Paul Edwards
Andre Connell
Lloyd Rubidge
John Leuner
Steve Kroon
Sipho Mampe (withdrew)
Welile Gogotshe (withdrew)

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