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June 7th, 2005

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Notice 2002


Annual General Meeting, 2002

The Annual General Meeting of the South African Go Association will be held at the Westdene Recreation Centre, Park Lane North, Westdene, Johannesburg, at 17h00 on Sunday 8th December 2002.


1. Adoption of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
2. Receipt and consideration of reports by office bearers.
3. Adoption of annual financial statements.
4. Proposed changes to the Constitution.
5. Proposed changes to the Credit Points System
6. Election of Council Members.
7. General.

Nominations for Council Members:

The Council of SAGA consists of six elected members. Any member of SAGA may nominate candidates for election to Council. Written nominations should be received before the 27th October 2002. Nominations should be signed by a proposer, a seconder and be agreed to by the candidate, all of whom should be members of SAGA.

Leander Gaum (Secretary) 8th October 2002

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