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May 10th, 2015

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Notice 2015

Notice of 2015 SAGA AGM and call for Council nominations

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the SAGA will be held on Saturday 16th May 2015 at 10am, before the kickoff of the new Winter league event. The event will be held in the South Africa room on OGS. The preliminary agenda will be as follows:

  1. Considering the 2014 minutes for acceptance.
  2. Receipt and consideration of the President’s report for 2014/2015
  3. Adoption of the Financial Statements for 2014
  4. Receipt and consideration of the Treasurer’s report for 2014
  5. Election of new council members (see below)
  6. Matters arising

This notice also serves as a call for nominations for a new SAGA council member to serve from 2015. Francois van Niekerk’s term of office expires in May. Nominations must reach the SAGA secretary ( ) by 8 May 2015: nominations require a proposer and a seconder, and an indication by the nominee that (s)he is willing to serve on the SAGA council. Proposer, seconder, and nominee must all be members of SAGA.

Nominees thus far:
Gordon Wells (proposer Paul Styen, Seconder Lloyd Rubidge)

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