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July 19th, 2005

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AGM Records


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From the constitution, the AGM should be held within four months of the financial year end (i.e. before the end of April), and in conjunction with a congress, if one is held. The secretary shall dispatch a notice, containing the particulars of the venue, date and time of the AGM accompanied by an agenda and calling for nominations of Council Members, to every member of the Association not later than eight weeks before such a meeting (so before the end of February).

A core AGM agenda, which covers the necessary contents of the meeting as per the constitution, is given below for convenience:


a) Adoption of the minutes of the previous AGM.
b) Receipt and consideration of Officers’ reports.
c) The adoption of the annual financial statements.
d) Confirmation of election of Council Members.

An item for “matters arising” is recommended.

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