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November 15th, 2005

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African Oza

The Toyota-Denso African Oza is held to select an African representative for the Africa/Oceania/Rest of Asia playoff for the Toyota-Denso World Oza. To qualify to represent Africa, you must be a representative of an African member country of the International Go Federation. SAGA’s requirements to recognize a player as a South African representative in the 3rd and subseqent African Oza’s were: (1) South African citizenship, and (2) SAGA membership.

4th African Oza, 2008

The tournament was combined with the 16th South African Open, further details are available here.

Victor Chow was selected as the African representative. He was drawn to play the winner of the Oceania-Rest of Asia playoff, in the playoff for the berth in the finals. However, he was eliminated by the rest of Asia representative, Yang Shihai.

3rd African Oza, 2006


Victor Chow was once again unbeaten in the tournament, claiming victory by defeating second-placed Cheng Lai in the African Representative match. Cheng claimed his berth in that match by defeating 3rd placed Ben Gale in the final of the losers’ bracket. Full results are available on the tournament table.

Read the official report on the event. (download about 1Mb. The MS-Word format document is also available, but is around 10Mb.)

Read Tristen Taylor’s report on the event.

List of participants

6 allocated positions:
Defending champion: Victor Chow (6d)
Ivory Coast representative: Mr. Mory Traore (8k)
Madagascar representative: Mr. Manitra Harimisa Razafindrabe (1d)
Morocco representative: Mr. Fouad Tehhani (5k)
Gauteng representative 1: Cheng Lai (2d)
Gauteng representative 2: Leander Gaum (2k)

9 other participants:
Ben Gale (3d)
Konrad Scheffler (1d)
Tristen Taylor (1k)
Andrew Davies (1k)
Lloyd Rubidge (3k)
Andre Connell (3k)
Reinhardt Messerschmidt (3k)
Bernard Broens (3k)
Steve Kroon (4k)


Date: 24-26 February 2006

The Neelsie, Stellenbosch. The 1st round on Friday evening will be held at “Die Bloukamer” (the Blue Room) where the opening ceremony will be held. Later rounds will be held in the Sanlam Hall with the South African Open. (Click here for a map.)


There will be an opening ceremony for the players and some special guests at 17h30 on the evening of Friday, 24 February, at “Die Bloukamer” in the Neelsie, before the first match, which will take place there at 19h00 on Friday night.

Later games will be scheduled to co-incide with the rounds of the South African Open as indicated on the tournament table below, and all Oza games after the first round will be handled as forced pairings in the South African Open. These matches will take place in the Sanlam Hall in the Neelsie. As with the South African Open, lunch on the Saturday and Sunday will be at 12h00.

There will be a joint prizegiving of the African Oza and South African Open after the completion of the African representative match (around 19h15 on Sunday, 26 February).


The tournament will follow a modified double elimination format, with all participants automatically entered into the South African Open. Victor Chow, as defending champion, is seeded into the second round of the winners’ bracket, while 14 other players will fill the draw: first international and invited participants, with the rest of the draw filled by other top-ranked African players.

The participants for the tournaments will be determined as follows. There are six invited guests, leaving 9 remaining available positions. These 9 positions are only available to citizens of an African country, and will be allocated to the strongest 9 suitable entrants in the South African Open who are able to participate, who have registered before 12h00 on Friday 17th February. Strength for non-South Africans will be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis by the tournament organizers, while the strength of South African players will be based on the SAGA player ratings at 12h00 on Friday 17th February. Once the participants are finalised, players 2 through 15 on the tournament table below will be assigned randomly.

All games will use Japanese rules with 6.5 komi, and 1 hour thinking time each, with 15 stones in 5 minutes Canadian byo-yomi.

Tournament table and match schedule:

Players 1st Round
24 Feb, 19h00
2nd Round
25 Feb, 09h30
25 Feb, 12h45
Winner’s final
25 Feb, 15h45
26 Feb, 15h45
V. Chow (AO) V. Chow
V. Chow V. Chow V. Chow V Chow
Tristen Taylor T Taylor
Andrew Davies
Bernard Broens K Scheffler Cheng L
Konrad Scheffler
Manitra Razafindrabe Cheng L
Cheng Lai
Leander Gaum B Gale B. Gale B. Gale
Ben Gale
Reinhard Messerschmidt Mory T
Mory Traore
Steve Kroon S Kroon S Kroon
Fouad Tehhani
Lloyd Rubidge L Rubidge
Andre Connell
upper; winner’s tournament / lower; loser’s tournament
Bye A Davies
B Broens F Tehhani B Gale Cheng L
A Davies
B Broens B Broens
M Razafindrabe
L Gaum L Gaum F Tehhani
R Messerschmidt
F Tehhani F Tehhani
A Connell
B Gale
T Taylor T Taylor L Rubidge Cheng L
K Scheffler
Mory T L Rubidge
L Rubidge
Cheng L Cheng L
S Kroon
Players 1st Round
25 Feb, 09h30
2nd Round
25 Feb, 12h45
3rd Round
25 Feb, 15h45
26 Feb, 09h30
Loser’s final
26 Feb, 12h45
26 Feb, 15h45
  (AO); Defending African Oza Champion

Invited guests will be entered into the African Oza and the SA Open for free. All other entrants are required to enter the South African Open, and pay the applicable fee for that tournament.

For further queries, please contact Steve Kroon.

2nd African Oza, 2004

This tournament was held in Johannesburg, and was won by Victor Chow. Ben Gale came second, and Paul Edwards was third.

1st African Oza, 2002

This tournament was held in Johannesburg, and was won by Victor Chow.

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