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June 7th, 2005

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AGM Closed Rapid Handicap

This tournament was held in 2002, and was co-located with that year’s SAGA AGM. The tournament was open to all SAGA members, and was a 6-round Swiss with handicaps.

Announcement of the 2002 tournament follows:

SAGA Annual General Meeting and AGM Closed Rapid Handicap Championship

Sunday 8th December 2002
Westdene Recreation Centre, Park Lane North, Westdene, Johannesburg.

All members of the South African Go Association are invited to participate.

The AGM will take place at 17h00 immediately after the last round of the tournament.

The tournament will be a six round Swiss with handicaps as determined by the latest available SAGA ranks.

The tournament will start at 09h00 sharp (No registration will be accepted after 08h45).

Komi In line with the new komi introduced recently by the
Nihon Ki-in, Black will give 6.5 points komi in even games.
In handicap games White will receive = point komi.
Handicaps 1 handicap stone for each difference in rank between
paired players, up to a maximum of 9 stones, will be placed
on the board by the weaker player, thereafter 10 points per
rank difference will be given to the weaker player.
Starting Time O9h00 Sharp. No registration will be accepted after
Time Limits per player 40 moves minimum in first 20 minute period, thereafter 25
moves for each 5 minute overtime period.
Trophy The winner will be awarded the title “2002 AGM Closed
Rapid Handicap Go Champion” and will have his/her name
inscribed on the new, “Annual General Meeting Closed Rapid
Handicap Go Champion” floating trophy. The winner will also
receive a miniature of the trophy.
Entrance Fee R10.00 (Only members of SAGA may participate).
Tournament Director Paul Edwards

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