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March 8th, 2005

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Joburg Go Club
Date: Sunday 17th of April 2005

Venue: Westdene Recreation Centre, Park Lane South, Westdene.

All players are welcome

The tournament will be a three round MacMahon and is open to all players, regardless of SAGA membership, nationality or rank. The initial MacMahon score of participants will be determined by their latest rank in the SAGA ranking record, at the time of the tournament. Handicaps will be determined on the basis of the MacMahon score difference between paired players minus one. The Johannesburg Open is a qualifying tournament for the SA Closed. In order to qualify for the SA Closed, players must be members of SAGA and SA citizens.


1st Round 09h30
2nd Round 12h30
3rd Round 15h00


Adults R20
Students and Scholars R10


Tristen Taylor

For more information, download this (msword doc): Notice for JHB Open 2005


The JHB Open 2005 was a stunning success, with close to forty participants.

Winner: Victor Chow
Category Winner (1kyu-10kyu): Welile Gogotshe
Category Winner (11kyu-20kyu): Peter Tauossinss
Category Winner (21kyu-30kyu): Pfahe Moosa

Notable upsets include Welile (1-kyu) vanquishing Ben Gale (3-Dan), Bob Gale (3-kyu) winning against Paul Edwards (1-Dan), Leander Gaum (3-kyu) against Julius Paulo (1-dan), and, finally, Dave Gale (4-kyu) triumphing over Julius.

Well done to all, and thanks for coming out to play.

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