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September 21st, 2005

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October 2005

Last Chance October 2005 Handicap Tournament



The JHB Club will be hosting a handicap tournament on the Sunday the 23rd of October 2005, held at the Westdene Recreation Centre. The tournament will be a three round tournament (fourth round if necessary) and is open to all players, regardless of SAGA membership, nationality, rank or club affiliation. Handicaps will be determined by their latest rank in the SAGC ranking record, at the time of the tournament. Lunch will be served.

The tournament is open to all players.

Komi: White will receive a komi of 6.5 points in even games, and 0.5 in handicap games. In handicap games where the difference in ranks is greater than 9, 10 points komi will be awarded to Black in lieu of each handicap stone beyond 9. For example, in a game between a 5-kyu and a 25-kyu (rank difference of 20), Black would receive 9 stones and 110 points komi (and white will still receive 0.5 points komi, as well).

Time limits: 40 minutes thinking time per player plus 20 moves for each 5 minute overtime period.

Round 1: 09h20
Round 2: 11h00
Round 3: 13h40
Round 4: 15h20 (if necessary)

Fees: The tournament costs R20 for adults, and R10 for scholars and students. This cost includes lunch. A late registration surcharge of R10 may also be applicable. Please note: no pay – no play. However, financial assistance is available for those in need. Prior arrangements regarding financial assitance must be made with the tournament directors before the 23rd of October 2005.

Prizes: Decided on the day

Please register in advance as this helps a great deal in the logistical planning. Registration will be available at the Joburg Go Club every Tuesday prior to the tournament. Please contact the tournament directors with any registration queries.

Registration closes on Friday 21st October 2005. There will be a late registration period from 08h30 to 09h00 on Sunday 23rd of October 2005.

Tournament Directors:
Dave Gale – 083 468 0037
Tristen Taylor– 084 250 2434

For a Map to the Westdene Recreation Centre, click here.


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