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September 1st, 2005

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Club Constitution

Cape Town Go Club

1) Objectives

1.1.The objective of the Cape Town Go Club is to further the development and organization of Go in Cape Town.

2) Membership

2.1 Membership
2.1.1 Any person shall be eligible to become a Member of the Club, subject to approval of an admissions request by the Committee.

3) Management

3.1 The Committee
3.1.1 The management of the Club shall be carried out by the Committee, which shall represent the Club in all external relations, subject to resolutions of any general meeting.
3.1.2 The Committee shall consist of at least three ordinary members.
3.1.3 The members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until dismissed, until the next Annual General Meeting or until resignation from office.
3.1.4 Individual members of the Committee or the whole Committee may be dismissed by resolution at a Special General Meeting. In all cases that meeting shall elect Officers to replace those dismissed.
3.1.5 Any Committee member who fails to attend three successive Committee meetings may be deemed to have resigned, at the Committee’s discretion.
3.1.6 The Committee shall ensure that a record of all resolutions passed by the Committee is kept. This record shall be made available to any club member, at the member’s cost, within four weeks of application.
3.1.7 Any decision of the Committee shall require a simple majority of those voting in order to change the status quo. Each elected member of the Committee shall have one vote.
3.1.8 In the event of Committee Officers not being able to fulfill their duties temporarily or permanently for any reason, the Committee shall appoint as soon as possible Acting Officers, who shall be members of the Club. The appointments shall be for a specified period of time not extending beyond the date of the next AGM. Until such appointments can be made the Officers still functioning shall be responsible for ensuring that the duties of the non-functioning Officers are carried out.

3.2 Powers of the Committee
3.2.1 The Committee shall have the full power and authority to do any act or thing which could or might be done by the Club excepting such matters as are in this Constitution reserved to be dealt with at a general meeting of its members or otherwise;
3.2.2 The President and one other Officer shall have the power to act together to deal with any matter requiring urgent attention and shall report their action to the rest of the Committee within two weeks.

3.3 Liability of the Committee Members
3.3.1 The members of the management committee will be held jointly and
severally liable for any actions or decisions taken by the
committee that are in contravention of the provisions of or the
spirit of this constitution, provided that such action or decision
was taken or made whilst the member was in office and the member had
full knowledge thereof.

4) General Meetings and Elections

4.1 Procedure at General Meetings
4.1.1.Two types of motions or resolution may be adopted at a general
or special meeting, namely ordinary resolutions and special
resolutions. ordinary resolution requires a simple majority. special resolution requires a seventy five percent vote in
favor for adoption. motions or resolutions are deemed to be ordinary
resolutions unless specifically stated otherwise in this
4.1.2.Quorum members of the club shall be entitled to vote on motions and
resolutions proposed at any General Meeting. quorum for General Meetings shall be equivalent to 30%
of the members.

4.2.1.The election of Committee Members shall take place by ballot at the
4.2.2.If no more than the requisite number of nominations are
received, such nominees shall be duly declared elected.
4.2.3.No person shall be entitled to vote if any monies due by him/her to
the Club are unpaid.

4.3.The Annual General Meeting
4.3.1.The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held once every
calendar year.

4.4.Special General Meetings
4.4.1.A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by any three
members, by informing the committee, which will schedule said meeting.
4.4.2.In the event the Committee does not agree a time and place
within two weeks of the receipt of a valid request for an SGM, then
the members submitting the request may appoint such a time and place
and a member of such group shall perform the functions of the
Secretary relating to the Club.
4.4.3.The Secretary shall give at least two weeks notice of an SGM and
its agenda to all members.
4.4.4.The Proposer may submit to the Secretary with the request for an
SGM a document supporting the proposal or proposals. If sufficient copies
are supplied the Secretary shall distribute them to all members.

5) Finances

5.1.All funds accruing to the Club shall be applied to the
implementation of its objectives.
5.2.The property and assets of the Club shall be vested in the Committee
of the Club in trust for the Club and no member shall possess any
personal right in or to such property.
5.3.A special resolution will be required to engage in any debt or any
action or transaction which would seriously hamper the club’s ability
to conduct its normal course of business.

6) Amendments
6.1.Any amendment of this constitution must be approved as a special
resolution at a General Meeting.

The following members of the Cape Town Go Club accepted this constitution on 30 August 2005:

Konrad Scheffler
Lloyd Rubidge
Andrew Davies
Henk Hoving
James Gelant
Timothy Spring
Chris Welsh
Steven Dawson
Alex Siemers

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