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April 2nd, 2007

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Cape Town Open


This tournament is hosted by the Cape Town Go club: the venue is A Touch of Madness restaurant in Nuttall Road, Observatory. We hope that players will support them by having lunch and/or refreshments there.

The tournament is scheduled for Saturday 19 May, and will be a 3 round MacMahon tournament, and takes up the morning and afternoon, the last round ending at about 17h45.

The Cape Town Open is open to all players of all strengths, and the entry fee is R10 for SAGA members, and R20 otherwise. You do not have to be a member of SAGA to play.

In particular, we encourage all members of the Stellenbosch club to enter, regardless of their strength.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Chris Welsh (quantumf AT for more information, or send him your name, club (if you belong to one), and the grade you wish to enter the tournament at, to register.

This tournament is a qualifying tournament for the annual South African Closed.


09h30-10h00: Registration
10h00-12h00: Round 1
12h00-13h30: Lunch
13h30-15h30: Round 2
15h45-17h45: Round 3
18h00 : Prizegiving

Time limits will be 45 minutes per player plus overtime (byo yomi) of 25 stones in 10 minutes.

Currently Registered

Andrew Davies (CT) 1k
Steve Kroon (STB) 1k
Bernard Broens (STB) 2k
Reinhardt Messerschmidt (STB) 2k
Lloyd Rubidge (CT) 2k
Jaco Swanepoel (STB) 3k
Rory Beling (STB) 5k
Guillaume Binet (CT) 5k
Florian Breuer (STB) 6k
David Richfield (STB) 6k
Riaan Swart (STB) 6k
Chris Welsh (CT) 6k
Andre Bergh (STB) 8k


Cape Town Open 2007

Num Name Str Co Club R 1 R 2 R 3 MMS SOS SSS Pt.
1 Davies Andrew 1K SA CT 3+w0 2+b0 4+b0 30 85 238 3
2 Kroon Steve 1K SA STB 16+b0 1-w0 6+w0 29 67 241 2
3 Messerschmidt Reinhardt 2K SA STB 1-b0 4+w0 5-w0 28 86 251 1
4 Broens Bernard 2K SA STB 6+b0 3-b0 1-w0 28 85 256 1
5 Beling Rory 5K SA STB 7+b0 6+w0 3+b0 28 81 251 3
6 Rubidge Lloyd 2K SA CT 4-w0 5-b0 2-b0 27 85 233 0
7 Binet Guillaume 5K SA CT 5-w0 8+b0 10-b0 26 80 230 1
8 Breuer Florian 6K SA STB 9+b0 7-w0 11+w0 26 77 231 2
9 Welsh Chris 6K SA CT 8-w0 11+b0 12+b0 26 75 230 2
10 Gelant James 7K SA CT 14+w0 12+b0 7+w0 26 72 229 3
11 Richfield David 6K SA STB 12+w0 9-w0 8-b0 25 76 229 1
12 Swart Riaan 6K SA STB 11-b0 10-w0 9-w0 24 77 223 0
13 Jones Jonathan 10K SA STB 15+w2 14+b0 16+w0 23 53 192 3
14 Bergh Andre 8K SA STB 10-b0 13-w0 15-w4 22 72 174 0
15 Thom Adrian 13K SA STB 13-b2 16+w0 14+b4 19 49 196 2
16 Ghost 30K SA STB 2-w0 15-b0 13-b0 10 71 169 0

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