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March 15th, 2005

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Cape Town Open

This tournament is hosted by the Cape Town Go club, and is usually held at the club’s regular venue: A Touch of Madness restaurant in Nuttall Road, Observatory.

The tournament is typically held in March, and is normally a 3 round MacMahon tournament. It takes up the morning and afternoon, the last round ending around 18h00.

The Cape Town Open is open to all players of all strengths. However, you also have to either be a member of SAGA, or join SAGA at the tournament, to participate.

If you desire more information, please e-mail Konrad Scheffler.

This tournament is a qualifying tournament for the annual South African Closed: the players not already qualifying for the Contenders’ Tournament, with the top 12 MacMahon scores in the qualifying tournaments (after some standardizing) are invited to take part in the South African Candidates’ Tournament, the top 4 being seeded to the second round. The Candidates’ Tournament is the first leg of the South African Closed Championship.

Time limits are usually 45 minutes per player plus overtime (byo yomi) of 15 stones in 5 minutes.

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