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January 6th, 2006

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2005 – Announcement

The Cape Town Go Club is hosting a Blitz Tournament!

Tuesday November 29, 2005 – 8pm

A Touch of Madness, Observatory

No fees are payable. The tournament is open to members of the Cape Town club. Note that it is quite straightforward to become a member of the club: indicate to one of the committe members that you wish to join, or simply register for the tournament and you will automatically become a member. Note that you must be ranked, i.e. have an official SAGC level, in order for the handicapping to be effective.

The tournament is still to be finalized, but will roughly be as follows:

absolute blitz (no byoyomi) – 12 minutes per side
30 minutes per round
standard handicaps will be applied
5 rounds will be played, with a 6th if required for tiebreaking
a swiss format will be used in order to do the pairing.

Some salient differences from a normal game

– 4 passes are required to end a game
– pushing the clock constitutes the end of the move (so moves can be taken back)
– it is not illegal or unethical to utilize any time advantage you may have

Please see the rules page for further details.

Tournament director:
Chris Welsh – please mail him if you intend to play at quantumf AT

The winner of the tournament will be named the 2005 Cape Town Blitz Champion. Beyond this kudos, who knows? At the moment, no entry fees are intended, so there probably won’t be any additional prizes.

Since the games will be lightning games, they will not count as ranked games.

We have a shortage of clocks. Please inform Chris if you have a clock that we can borrow – at the moment, with only 4 known clocks, and a palm pilot doubling up as a chess clock, the registration will be restricted to the first 11 entries.

The following players registered:

Chris Welsh 13k
Lloyd Rubidge 4k
Konrad Scheffler 1d
Andrew Davies 1k
Steven Dawson 26k
Guillaume Binet 7k
Timothy Spring 20k
James Gelant 12k


Short version: Konrad wins after a playoff

Longer version:

Five rounds were played, essentially with random pairings (on the basis that as a straight handicap everyone was equal). Some pairings were tuned towards the end to ensure the most winningest players played each other.

Round #1

White Black Result
Konrad Andrew W+T
Timothy Steven W+T
James Chris W+T
Lloyd Guillaume B+2

Round #2

White Black Result
Konrad Lloyd W+
Chris Steven B+
James Timothy B+
Andrew Guillaume W+R

After round 2, the players were ranked as follows

Player Wins
Konrad Scheffler 2
Timothy Spring 2
Andrew Davies 1
Guillaume Binet 1
James Gelant 1
Steven Dawson 1
Lloyd Rubidge 0
Chris Welsh 0

Round #3

White Black Result
Chris Timothy B+T
James Steven B+
Konrad Guillaume W+
Andrew Lloyd B+

Feverish Go

After round 3, the players were ranked as follows

Player Wins
Konrad Scheffler 3
Timothy Spring 3
Steven Dawson 2
Andrew Davies 1
Lloyd Rubidge 1
Guillaume Binet 1
James Gelant 1
Chris Welsh 0

Round #4

At this stage Timothy and Konrad, the top placed players, were force-paired together to try and ensure a result would be obtained. After a strong start from Timothy, in Konrad’s words “groups started dying”, and eventually, despite Timothy’s 110 point komi headstart, Konrad still won by about 100 points!

White Black Result
Konrad Timothy W+
Lloyd Chris B+
Andrew James W+
Guillaume Steven B+

After round 4, the players were ranked as follows

Player Wins
Konrad Scheffler 4
Timothy Spring 3
Steven Dawson 3
Andrew Davies 3
Lloyd Rubidge 1
Guillaume Binet 1
James Gelant 1
Chris Welsh 1

Round #5

For this stage, all the players were force-paired to try to ensure the most interesting result. Konrad was paired with Steven (9 stones AND 170 points Komi), while Andrew was paired with Timothy. If Steven won and Timothy won, there would be a 3 way tie for first place. In the event, Konrad failed to overcome the enormous komi headstart, while Andrew prevailed over Timothy, ensuring a two way tie after the final round.

White Black Result
Konrad Steven B+
Andrew Timothy W+
Guillaume Chris W+
Lloyd James W+

After the final round, the players were ranked as follows

Player Wins
Konrad Scheffler 4
Steven Dawson 4
Andrew Davies 3
Timothy Spring 3
Lloyd Rubidge 2
Guillaume Binet 2
James Gelant 1
Chris Welsh 1


In a repeat of the final round match, Konrad played against Steven, again with a 9 stone start and 170 points of komi. This time it was in the balance up until the end. Unfortunately Steven allowed himself to fall seriously behind on time, and despite being perhaps 20 points ahead coming into the endgame, Konrad was able to play forcing moves in black’s territory – and spectators witnessed the distressing sight of Steven, with about 5 seconds left on his clock, going “PASS!”, “PASS!”, “PASS!” as Konrad destroyed corner after corner!

A few seconds ago there was much more black on the board


A highly entertaining evening was held, with the incredibly tight sudden death absolute blitz causing much mayhem and amusement. Very few disagreements were encountered, the only two of note related to situations when both clocks had fallen. This rule will perhaps need some adjustment, particularly as an analog chess clock and digital clock behave differently. Using the clock to signal the end of the move and the 4 pass rule all worked fine, and although the rules attempted to cover the situation of illegal moves becoming legal, I don’t believe this actually occurred in any of the games.

Congratulations to Konrad who extends his western cape tournament winning streak yet further. Congratulations also to Steven and Timothy who made the most of their komi to almost nick the tournament from Konrad.

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