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November 18th, 2005

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Cape Town Blitz

Cape Town Blitz

Starting in 2005, the Cape Town Go Club will be hosting annual blitz tournaments. These will be held towards the end of the year, around November.

Although the format may be adapted from year to year, for 2005 the following format was used.

absolute blitz (no byoyomi) – 12 minutes per side
30 minutes per round
standard handicaps will be applied
5 rounds will be played, with a 6th if required for tiebreaking
a swiss format will be used in order to do the pairing.

In 2005, the following rule variations were used

– 4 passes are required to end a game
– pushing the clock constitutes the end of the move (so moves can be taken back)
– it is not illegal or unethical to utilize any time advantage you may have

Please see the rules page for further details.

For further information, contact Chris Welsh via email: quantumf AT

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