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November 14th, 2010

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Chinese Pros play on KGS

Two Chinese pros, Hu Shuai 3p and Jack Jin 2p (aka smartrobot) played on KGS yesterday, to promote the Experience Go in China program. They are both teachers on the program. The game was played with generous time limits, and drew huge interest on KGS.

It was a very interesting game, rich in tesuji, filled with decisive ko fights, and was notable in particular for extensive use of guzumi (good empty triangles).

In the game, black holds a narrow but hard to overturn lead for most of the game, and then, at move 214, white plays a stunning move that turns the game on its head. Suddenly black is in real danger of losing heavily, and has to play some amazing go to stay in the game.

After the game, the players reviewed the opening and some of the middle game, and their comments were very interesting.

Here’s the game: jackjin vs hushuai

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September 1st, 2010

Pro Game Review – Chang Hao vs Yoda Norimoto

Attached is a review of a game between the famous Chinese professional, Chang Hao, and Yoda Norimoto. The review focused on good shape moves made by both players, and identifies some of the weaker alternatives that amateurs frequently make.

The lecture was based on a published review, but the lecturer, Jack (Jin Jing 2p), also pointed out some alternatives that the book didn’t identify.

Day 14 pro game – shape review

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