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August 5th, 2015

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New shodan, new players at Cape Town Go club

Congratulations to Lloyd Rubidge, who was recently promoted to 1d after good results in the 2015 Winter League tournament.

The Cape Town club also welcomes a bunch new players (some old, some visiting):

Charles Rigby 20k
Gareth Priede 6k
Michael Rapson 10k
Magnus Lordan 2k (a visitor from Germany)
Matthew Cherry 19k

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October 12th, 2010

Andrew wins 2010 Stellenbosch Open

This year’s Stellenbosch Open was held Saturday 9 October. We had a final turn-out of 7 players with a wide range of ranks.

We were happy to welcome a new player, Chris Herries, to the SA Go tournament scene. Chris even managed to receive a promotion to 16k during the tournament. Congratulations are also due to Rory Shea, who received a promotion to 15k.

A number of exciting games took place, but after the 3 rounds, with 3 wins, Andrew Davies emerged as the Stellenbosch Open Champion of 2010. Congratulations to Andrew on his victory.

See also: Full Results

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April 30th, 2008

New Members at the Cape Town Club

The Cape Town club has welcomed a number of new members over recent months:

Jens Deus, 2d
Richard Zhao, 3k
Ashley Ross, 20k
Stephen Martindale, 23k
Paul Steyn, 23k

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November 13th, 2007

Cape Town Go Club welcomes new members

Welcome to Alexander du Plessis (11k) and Steven Rae (20k), who recently joined the Cape Town Go Club.

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August 29th, 2007

New Members and Promotions at the Cape Town Go Club

The Cape Town club welcomes two new members. First, Manfred Kimmel, a 5k player from Germany, who is visiting Cape Town for an extended period, and secondly, Giuseppe Murray, a new player who has been entered at 30k. In addition, we are also pleased to welcome Gareth Priede, a former Joburg club member.

Congratulations to Trevor Hill, who has been promoted to 15k after last night’s games. Clearly the recent adhoc promotion for Trevor was far too conservative.

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September 27th, 2006

KZN Tourney brings rating system to over 200 players

These 8 players took part in a mini-tournament held in the Westville Library over the long weekend. The tournament was arranged by Peter Charter, and seems to have been quite a success, with plans for followup tournaments and perhaps later a Kwazulu-Natal Open.

Francis Parker won the tournament with 3 wins, followed by Ethan, Paul and Peter on 2 wins. It was a kind of Swiss tournament: initial ranks were estimated, and then adjusted up and down a stone after each match, depending on the results.

The results were used to estimate ranks for the players on the national rating system, where they have now been added. This addition marks a milestone for the rating system, which now ranks over 200 players.

As a result, we welcome Francis (7k), Ethan (17k), Paul (15k), Julian (19k), Zane (18k), Kyle (20k), and Duncan (21k) to the national rating system, and congratulate Ethan and Kyle, who have also been promoted to 16k and 19k respectively.

Details should appear on a tournament page shortly.

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September 4th, 2006

Update for the week

Welcome to a new player, Andre Bergh, at 16kyu. And congratulations on a double promotion to 17 kyu for Riaan Swart.

This weekend was the 3rd quarter internet tournament. Ben will probably post a full report in time, but in the meantime, congratulations to Chris Visser, who beat Andrew Davies, Konrad Scheffler and Julius Paulu to win the top group. Julius, Ben Gale, and Clive Hunt notched up 2 victories to secure their spots in group 1 in the fourth quarter. Steve Kroon will join them as winner of group 2, while Bob Gale, Dave Gale and Jaco Swanepoel secured their places in group 2 with 2 wins each.

Last weekend saw the start of the 3rd Toyota-Denso World Oza finals in Japan. Victor Chow attended as the African representative, and played in the 3-way playoff with Oceania, represented by Australia’s Guo Yi Ming, and “rest-of-Asia”, represented by Yang Shi-hai, a 9-dan professional regarded as one of the world’s top 10 in the 1990’s, who qualified as Hong Kong’s representative. Victor killed a huge group of Guo’s in the first game, but in the second game against Yang, Victor lost some critical cutting stones, and resigned (if I understand correctly). The games are attached to Victor’s last post on the SAGA mailing list.

Between the 1st and 2nd games of the internet champs, the SAGA AGM was held. Everything went according to the minutes, with no surprises. A vote was held where the members decided in favour of getting Go recognized as an official sport in South Africa. I expect David will post the minutes on the site or on the wiki in time.

Update by Steve: Victor’s games in the playoff are available in this zip file.

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August 29th, 2006


First off, the Cape Town club welcomes Trevor Hill, a 23-kyu who’s a colleague of Andrew Davies.

Congratulations on promotions go to Markus Jager, who has reached 11 kyu, and Louis de Jager, 15 kyu.

In the Western Cape Closed, Bernard Broens defeated Chris Welsh to claim victory in the winners’ bracket of the preliminary tournament to claim one of the 2 open spots in the Western Cape Meijin Challenger’s League. Chris is still in the running in the losers’ bracket, where his remaining competition is David Richfield, Jaco Swanepoel and Steve Kroon.

In the World Go Oza, Yang Shi-hai of Hong Kong won the Africa/Oceania/Rest-of-Asia playoff for the final open berth of the main tournament, which means Victor Chow and Guo Yi Ming (of Oceania) have been eliminated. I don’t have any further information, but will post any news I get later.

Finally, news is South Africa has been invited to another world amateur championship supported by the International Go Federation – this one’s hosted in Korea, in the city of Incheon, and seems to be run on a very similar basis to the WAGC. The SAGA council is currently finalising the selection guidelines, with the current proposal being to employ the same credit points system used for the WAGC.

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August 7th, 2006

Rank changes

We were pleased to welcome a new 2-kyu to the rating system at the Stellenbosch Open, Marco Dellermann. Marco is a 16-year-old German who has moved to South Africa, and lives in Cape Town. He plays on KGS as “Urlaub”.

Steve Kroon was promoted to 3-kyu after managing an upset win against Marco in the second round, while Andries Kruger is, I believe, the first person to end a game on 999 index, where he finished the tournament just short of a promotion.

Other upsets in the tournament were Andre Connell defeating Konrad Scheffler, and Reinhardt Messerschmidt beating Marco in the first round, and Andrew Davies beating Michael Wang in the third round in the match to decide the tournament winner.

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July 14th, 2006

New players at Stellenbosch club

We welcome 2 new players to the rating system. Michael Wang is a 1-dan who is visiting for a few months from China, and has visited us before. Sakol Pojpatinya is a Thai player, and has been assigned a rating of 20 kyu.

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