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September 6th, 2020

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KPMC 2020

Victor Chow represented South Africa in the 15th Korea Prime Minister Cup, held in August. The tournament was held online, so the usual round robin format was replaced by a double elimination qualifying round, followed by a knock out tournament for the top 32 players.

Victor finished top of his group with straight wins and progressed to the knock out tournament. He beat the representatives from the Czech Republic and Ukraine in round of 32 and round of 16 respectively. In the round of 8, he faced Minoru Ozeki from Japan, who unfortunately proved too strong. Ozeki went on to face China in the final.

Congratulations to Victor for a solid performance at the 15th KPMC, where he showed his fighting spirit on many occasions. Full results are available on the KPMC site.

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November 28th, 2015

KPMC 2015 Update

Chris Welsh was this year’s South African representative at the KPMC. After an unfortunate series of pairings (15k, 1k, 2 dan, 7 dan and 2×5 dan) he won 2/6 games.

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September 22nd, 2014

2014 KPMC Update

Andre Connell finished in 36th place, a creditable result considering he had been seeded 43rd. He finished with two wins out of six, over Mongolia 1d and Luxembourg 3k, with defeats to South Korea 7d, Denmark 4d, Belarus 1d and Sweden 3d.

Note: the previous report incorrectly stated that Andre played his second round match against China – it was against South Korea.

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September 19th, 2014

2014 KPMC Update

At the halfway stage of the 2014 Korean Prime Minster’s Cup, the South African representative Andre Connell (2D) is on 1/3 wins. He won his first round match against the 1D from Mongolia, but was drawn against China in the second round. In the third round he lost out to the 4D from Denmark.

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October 13th, 2013

KPMC 2013 Update – Day Two

After five rounds Steve is 2/5

In round 4 he defeated Zhe Fan Mah 2d of Brunei. As the game was drawing to a close, he was 10-15 points behind, but found an excellent sequence of moves to exploit some corner aji and forced his opponent to resign. The game is attached below.

In round 5 he lost to Erik Ouchterlony 4d of Sweden. South African players with a keen memory may recall that Victor Chow lost to Erik, then a 3d, a few years ago at the WAGC.

More information from the KPMC, including some pictures, is available at the Official SAGA Facebook page

Steve Kroon vs. Zhe Fan Mah of Bruniei

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October 12th, 2013

2013 KPMC Update – Day One

After day one at the KPMC, Steve is 1/3. He won his first game against Philippines, then had the dubious pleasure of being paired against Ilya shikshin 7d of Russia. In round 3, he was paired against Kevin Prist 3d of Belgium, which he also lost.

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October 11th, 2013

2013 KPMC Update

Steve Kroon, the South African representative at the 2013 KPMC, writes:

First round pairing is out, tomorrow morning I play Celeste Abat (5k) of the Philippines (she’s secretary-general of their go association, and one of the two – I think – female participants).

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October 29th, 2012

Andrew finishes 51st in 2012 KPMC

Andrew Davies has now finished in 51st place, with 3/6 wins, in the 2012 KPMC. The draw was done on the MacMahon system, using the previous years position. His results in the 6 rounds were:

  1. Lost to Argentina (3d)
  2. Lost to Venezuela (2d, but seemed stronger to Andrew)
  3. Beat Guatemala (6k).
  4. Beat Bosnia&Herzegovina (3k)
  5. Lost to Thailand (5d)
  6. Beat Ecuador (1d)

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October 28th, 2010

2010 KPMC Results

They’re finally out: 2010 KPMC Results

Welile managed 3 wins

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