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July 7th, 2017

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Victor Chow’s games from the 2017 Samsung Cup

Victor Chow shares his recent games in the 2017 Samsung Cup, along with some commentary on each one.





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November 7th, 2016

European Team Championship 2016/2017 Round Two Game Records

A couple of weeks ago the second round of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2016/2017 was played. South Africa, currently in the C League, faced Bulgaria. This time we managed a clean sweep, winning all four games. Andrew has reviewed his game, and Victor has kindly reviewed not only his own game, but Andrew’s review as well.

Original Game Records:

Reviewed game Records:

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October 24th, 2016

European Team Championship 2016/2017 Round One Game Records

A couple of weeks ago the first round of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2016/2017 was played. South Africa, currently in the C League, faced Lithuania, one of the stronger teams in the C League. There were some hard-fought, close games, and we managed a 2-2 result. Both Chris and Andrew have reviewed their games, and Victor has kindly reviewed not only his own game, but their reviews as well.

These games take place on average once every three weeks (schedule here) online on IGS. I have found that watching one or two of the games live gives one a much better feel for the game that really helps one understand the reviews, and this is a good way to help one improve.

Original Game Records:

Reviewed game Records:

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October 28th, 2013

John Leuner wins 2013 4th Quarter Internet Tournament

Congratulations to John for winning the 4th quarter Internet tournament for 2013. The field was disappointingly small, with only four entries – John Leuner 3d, Andrew Davies 3d, Chris Welsh 1d and Chris Visser 1d. The event was reduced to two rounds, with John and Andrew beating Chris Welsh and Chris Visser respectively. In the 2nd round John beat Andrew, and Chris W prevailed over Chris V (by half a point!)

The four games are below:

Round One:

John Leuner vs. Chris Welsh
Andrew Davies vs. Chris Visser

Round Two:

John Leuner vs. Andrew Davies
Chris Visser vs. Chris Welsh

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October 13th, 2013

KPMC 2013 Update – Day Two

After five rounds Steve is 2/5

In round 4 he defeated Zhe Fan Mah 2d of Brunei. As the game was drawing to a close, he was 10-15 points behind, but found an excellent sequence of moves to exploit some corner aji and forced his opponent to resign. The game is attached below.

In round 5 he lost to Erik Ouchterlony 4d of Sweden. South African players with a keen memory may recall that Victor Chow lost to Erik, then a 3d, a few years ago at the WAGC.

More information from the KPMC, including some pictures, is available at the Official SAGA Facebook page

Steve Kroon vs. Zhe Fan Mah of Bruniei

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November 14th, 2010

Chinese Pros play on KGS

Two Chinese pros, Hu Shuai 3p and Jack Jin 2p (aka smartrobot) played on KGS yesterday, to promote the Experience Go in China program. They are both teachers on the program. The game was played with generous time limits, and drew huge interest on KGS.

It was a very interesting game, rich in tesuji, filled with decisive ko fights, and was notable in particular for extensive use of guzumi (good empty triangles).

In the game, black holds a narrow but hard to overturn lead for most of the game, and then, at move 214, white plays a stunning move that turns the game on its head. Suddenly black is in real danger of losing heavily, and has to play some amazing go to stay in the game.

After the game, the players reviewed the opening and some of the middle game, and their comments were very interesting.

Here’s the game: jackjin vs hushuai

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July 20th, 2010

Game reviews from Ben Gale

Thanks to Ben Gale for these game reviews.

The first is a game between Ben and me from the 3rd Quarter Internet tournament last year. The second is a game between me and Chris Welsh on the second day of this year’s Candidates’ tournament.

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March 22nd, 2010

Victor and Carle knocked out of Pair Go Champs in Round 1

Not exactly surprising, as they met the pair from China. Victor presumably persuaded Carle to have a go at his 5-5, 6-4 opening, but the Chinese pair had no difficulty in coping with this unusual opening, and despite black creating some enormous moyo’s, easily won the game, forcing a resign after 118 moves.

The game record can be viewed here:

Note, however, that it is in ugi format, which basically means you need the panda egg client installed on your PC. I can see no way to convert this to sgf format.

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June 6th, 2009

RoseDuke on Tygem

Victor Chow’s games against his fellow South African’s are typically complete mismatches, so the games are not very interesting. Attached to this post, however, are some of Victor’s recent games on Tygem. Tygem is a server where many of the strongest players in the world play, including a large number of professionals. On Tygem there are no artificial amateur/professional barriers, and players complete equally. The top rank there is 9d, which is quite hard to obtain and hold onto, and typically only professionals and the strongest amateurs, such as Victor, are able to do this.

In the attached collection of games, from May 2009, you can see Victor frequently using his famous 5-5, 6-4 opening as black, and 4-4, 3-3 opening as white.

RoseDuke Games on Tygem from May 2009

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April 13th, 2009

Victor in the news posted a Tygem game between Roseduke and a new Tygem 9-dan, zx168168, two weeks ago, with the headline “RoseDuke brings tygem 9d to defeat”. Go check the game out.

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