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March 6th, 2016

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Japan Day – Root 44

On Saturday 5 March SAGA took part in the Japanese Consulate of South Africa’s National Japan Day, hosted by the Root 44 Market just outside Stellenbosch. The turnout was excellent, and we were demonstrating the game throughout the day till after the last stalls had packed up. As with UCON and StelCon it was gratifying to see a lot of flyers being taken. Looking forward to the return of new faces to the club meets.

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September 25th, 2013

Uploading photos to the blog from your smartphone

If you’re used to using Facebook to share photo’s from your phone, you will no doubt have trying to do something similar on this blog very painful. However, there is a way to make this a lot easier, which I’ll describe below.

WordPress have released an Android and IOS app that integrates with wordpress blogs, and this works well with our SAGO blog.

The download links are at the bottom of this post. I’ll describe the process for Android, but I expect it will be very similar for IOS. First, get the app from the Android Market or the istore.

Once the app is installed, you need to configure the SAGO blog. This is pretty simple, click the “Add Blog” button:


and enter the url “” and your user id and password:


IMPORTANT: make sure the “Upload and link to full image” checkbox is checked.

There is not much more to it. You can then either share photo’s from your photo gallery by sharing the photo to WordPress, or directly from the WordPress application. Either way you will come to the same screen in the WordPress application. If you want to blog multiple photo’s, you will find doing it from the WordPress application much easier, so I’ll describe that process. (If you just want to share a single photo, then I recommend just sharing that photo directly from your photo gallery).

First, you’ll need to create a new post, which you can access by clicking the Posts menu item


This will bring up all the existing posts, and you can click on the “+” on the top right to create a new post


Once you are in the create post activity, it is very easy to add text and photo’s. It is similar to creating a new post through the website, and you have options to find photo’s or other media on your phone, as well as to tag the post with the usual tags.


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July 25th, 2010

Lyon Go Club

I’m just back from a conference trip, during which I paid a visit to the Lyon Go Club in Lyon, France. The club meets in a games shop in the city centre, with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Wearing my SA Go t-shirt, I was immediately recognised and made to feel at home by Remi, the guy-in-charge. The strongest players there were 1 kyu, which I felt was more like the SA 1 dan level – I played 3 games, all hard-fought, and only managed to win them by luck. Check out the photos in the gallery. Thanks to the club members for a memorable evening.

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March 19th, 2009

WMSG photos

Aki Zhou has uploaded a couple of pictures from the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing last year to the SAGoClubs gallery. You can see them here.

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February 8th, 2009

SA Open photos

Photos taken at the SA Open are now available.

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