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May 11th, 2007

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Durban – an update?

A month and a half ago, South Africa’s west coast was struck by a combination of high tides and big swell, and in particular large portions of the Durban beach front were washed away, with extensive damage to roads and business premises.

Among those was the Steers where the Durban club traditionally meets – here is a picture:

The Steers on North Beach - washed away?

At the time, talk was that Go would temporarily move to an alternative venue: Papa Giovanni’s (in Florida Road) for a week or two, before returning to the Steers. Since then, we haven’t had another update. So, if you’re looking for Go in Durban, it may be prudent to check both venues, or give Peter Charter a call/e-mail – his details are on the other clubs page.

Anyone from KZN care to provide us with an update on the venue situation?

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