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October 24th, 2011

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KPMC Day 2 round-up

As promised, here’s my round-up of day 2:

I started with a win against Marcos Sakurada 1d from Brazil – I made several bad mistakes in the endgame, but my lead was enough for me to still hang on by a small margin. Next I was drawn against Bahadur Tahirbayov 6d from Azerbaijan, who had been having a bad tournament. He started by forcing my corner group into terrible and almost dead shape, so I sacrificed it and made a huge moyo while he spent time capturing it. At this point he was probably overconfident – he entered too deep and I managed to kill his invading stones, giving me a winning position. But unfortunately this left me in byo-yomi (30 seconds per move) and he kept trying tricks until I missed a simple tactic and had to resign. A disappointing finish after having him on the ropes. My final game was against Jose Lara Contreras 4d from Columbia – we seemed quite evenly matched and I seemed to have good chances, but in the end the bad shape I had left behind in a misplayed joseki came back to haunt me and I lost a group. So I finished on 2 wins and a poor tiebreak despite having had some tough draws.

In other news, the tournament was won by an eleven year old boy from China who seemed to have no trouble at all dispatching all of his opponents by comfortable margins, including the player from Korea. He qualified for the tournament by missing out on pro qualification on tiebreak, so expect to see the name Zijian Chen among the pros a few years from now.

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October 23rd, 2011

KPMC day 1 round-up

A disappointing result for me at the KPMC, with only two wins. Here’s a round-up of day 1:

Game one started well when I managed to get a large lead against Hatime Araki, with him having nowhere to turn his thick wall into the 50 points of territory he needed. Until I somehow managed to create a way for him to win by stupidly starting a fight too close to his thickness. Game two was against Fredrick Balwit of the USA – usually the Americans send a strong player, but this time their representative was only 1 kyu and I managed to win. Game three was against Jurgen Suntinger 3d from Austria. Again I had an easily won position which I somehow manage to botch by making some real bloopers in byo-yomi. So 1/3 at the end of day 1; I’ll try to do a round-up of day two later.

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October 21st, 2011

KPMC this weekend

A quick note from Pohang, Korea: the players have all arrived and are ready for the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup which will be played this weekend. The food is awesome, as is the dedicated Baduk-TV television channel. 60 players from 59 countries will be playing (there was one no-show who got replaced by a representative from the host town). This year there are only 6 rounds, so a Macmahon-style rule is in place to speed up the draw, with players rated higher than 3d starting on 1 Macmahon point instead of 0. (So effectively all us weaklings 3d and below are deemed to have already lost a game.) My first round game will be against Hatime Araki 2d from Morocco. I’ll try to post an update after round 3 tomorrow.

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July 25th, 2010

Lyon Go Club

I’m just back from a conference trip, during which I paid a visit to the Lyon Go Club in Lyon, France. The club meets in a games shop in the city centre, with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Wearing my SA Go t-shirt, I was immediately recognised and made to feel at home by Remi, the guy-in-charge. The strongest players there were 1 kyu, which I felt was more like the SA 1 dan level – I played 3 games, all hard-fought, and only managed to win them by luck. Check out the photos in the gallery. Thanks to the club members for a memorable evening.

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November 24th, 2009

Fish Hoek Open 2009

The Fish Hoek Open was held this Sunday at the house of Sanae Sawada, in honour of Susumu Sawada, 5dan, visiting from Japan. The tournament was a huge success with 15 players packing the playing area to the brim. It was especially nice to see some new players joining the fun. Thanks are due to Sanae for hosting us and providing a fantastic lunch of sushi and sandwiches.

When the dust had settled after three rounds, the following prizes were awarded:

Below the bar, Alex du Plessis (3/3), Rory Shea (3/3) and Michael Ben-Yosef (2/2 and one bye) won all of their games.

Above the bar (set at 1 kyu), the top finishers were: Sam Scott (3rd with 2 wins), Susumu Sawada (2nd with 2 wins, edging Sam out on tiebreak by a single SOS point, but having also beaten him in their individual game), and Konrad Scheffler (1st with 3 wins, after winning the third round decider against Sawada-san by 2.5 points).

Detailed results are available here (note: these results are missing the 3rd round game between Duard Steenkamp and Rory Shea, which Rory won at 3 stones handicap).

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May 20th, 2009

Andrew Davies wins Cape Town Open

In what might be regarded as his warm-up event before jetting off to represent South Africa in the World Amateur Go Championship, Andrew Davies 2d
beat all comers to win the 2009 Cape Town open – congratulations, and may the good form last! Second place went to Konrad Scheffler, with Steve Kroon taking 3rd place ahead of Chris Welsh on tiebreak. We would particularly like to thank our hosts, “A Touch of Madness”, who not only provided a free venue but tossed free coffee and biscuits into the deal. Full results are available here and the gotha file is available here.

Edit: Congratulations to Rory Shea, promoted to 18k, and Paul Steyn, promoted to 10k, during the tournament.

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September 4th, 2008

AGM agenda and president’s report

Dear All,

Below please find the agenda for Saturday’s AGM, and the annual
president’s report for consideration at the meeting.

Konrad Scheffler



a) Adoption of the minutes of the previous AGM.
b) Receipt and consideration of Officers’ reports.
c) The adoption of the annual financial statements.
d) Confirmation of election of Council Members.


September 2008
South African Go Association
President’s report for the year 2007/2008:

The 2008 AGM brings another transition to the SAGA administrative
landscape, with some fresh blood replacing the outgoing president and
treasurer. Reflecting back over the year we find that much go has been
played, many promotions were earned and a whole bunch of brand new
players recruited. Despite the Hikaro no Go bubble being well and
truly over by now, and membership levels being back down to that of
the pre-HNG period, these are good times for SA go.

This year’s AGM is a little earlier than last year, so we have no
South African championships to report on: the 2007 results were
reported last year and the 2008 competition is scheduled to be held
later this month in Johannesburg, featuring defending champion Victor
Chow, veterans Ben Gale, Julius Paulu and Konrad Scheffler, relative
newcomers Sipho Mampe and Andrew Davies, and first time qualifiers
Andre Connell and John Leuner.

2008 featured another African Oza, kindly sponsored by the Toyota
and Denso corporations and attended by players from South Africa,
Madagascar, Ivory Coast and Morocco, with visiting professional Enda
Hideki from the Nihon Ki-in in attendance. This time the event was
hosted by the Cape Town Go Club who ensured another fantastically
successful tournament. The winner, once again, was Victor Chow 7 dan.

The rest of the annual go calendar is also still going strong,
including the quarterly internet events, South African Open (which was
co-hosted with the African Oza) and several regional club championships.

The South African representative at the 2008 World Amateur Go
Championship in Japan was Konrad Scheffler, with Paul Edwards having
qualified to represent South Africa at the forthcoming Prime
Minister’s Cup International Baduk Championship in Korea. We will also
be sending a team to the World Mind Sports Olympiad in Beijing.

I’d like to thank the people who served with me on the 2007/2008 SAGA
Council: Ben Gale, Andries Kruger, Andre Connell, Chris Welsh, and
especially Sakkie Buys who is stepping down as treasurer after a truly
heroic term of about 16 years service. Sakkie will be helping new
recruit Andre Connell to ensure a smooth transition of the financial
administration, so we haven’t seen the last of him yet. Also a big
thank you to the new council members who have agreed to come on board,
restoring the council to full strength after a year of being
short-staffed: Andrew Davies and Steve Kroon are joining the team, and
Chris Welsh takes on a regular council slot instead of his previous
role as regional representative. I’m confident that this new council
can only be a step forward for South African go.

Konrad Scheffler
SAGA president 2007/2008

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September 4th, 2008

SAGA financial statements and treasurer’s report 2007

Dear SAGA members,

We would like to present the 2007 financial statements and the 2007 treasurer’s report for adoption at this Saturday’s AGM. Please have a look at them in advance, and bring any questions along to the meeting, or mail them to me in advance.

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September 1st, 2008

African Oza report

The tournament report for the 2008 African Oza is available here (11.5 Megs) or here (9 Megs, in zip format).Thanks to Chris Welsh for putting most of this together, with a contribution from Andrew Davies.

Update: There is also a pdf version, available here (1 Meg)

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July 27th, 2008

New SAGA Council

The deadline for nomination of SAGA council members has passed, and three
nominations have been received. Since this is the same as the number of
vacancies, this concludes the election procedure. I’d like to welcome the
following new council members, whose terms will start as of the AGM on 6

Andrew Davies (nominated by Konrad Scheffler; seconded by Chris Welsh)
Steve Kroon (nominated by Konrad Scheffler; seconded by Ben Gale)
Chris Welsh (nominated by Konrad Scheffler; seconded by Andrew Davies)

They will join current council members Ben Gale, Andre Connell and Andries
Kruger, with Sakkie buys and Konrad Scheffler stepping down after having
completed their terms.

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