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October 13th, 2005

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Aketa -Sensei’s Western Cape itinerary

As Go players in the Western Cape should know by now, Aketa-sensei, a 6-dan Japanese amateur, will be visiting our local clubs for the next week, and potentially longer than that, if he can be kept busy, interested, and accomodated.

Aketa-sensei is passionate about Go and wants to play as much Go as he can fit in while he is here (and hopefully teach plenty as well). To encourage this, we’re trying to make sure his itinerary is kept full, but not crowded.

To keep this practical, we are posting his itinerary here, which Guillaume Binet of the Cape Town club will keep updated. If you wish to get involved in an activity or host Aketa for a while, leave a comment, or preferably e-mail Guillaume.

Aketa’s itinerary:

Sun, 16 Oct: Arrive at CT international about 10h50 on flight 1T 123 (1Time airlines), from there he will be taken to Andrew Davies’ house in Meadowridge, where he will spend the rest of the day and the night.

Mon, 17 Oct: Guillaume will fetch Aketa at Andrew’s house in the morning, and they will go for a tour of the Alphen Estate in Constantia and visit Table Mountain (up to 2 people can tag along – contact Guillaume if you’d like to). From about 15h00, interested people can meet Aketa-sensei for Go at Roxy’s in Dunkly Square, Gardens. Aketa-sensei will spend the night at Guillaume’s house in Hout Bay.

Tue, 18 Oct: Guillaume and Aketa will visit Cape Point (again 2 people can tag along – contact Guillaume). From about 15h00, Aketa will be at A Touch of Madness, the regular Cape Town club venue. Please come early if you can. Aketa will stay at Guillaume’s house again that night.

Wed, 19 Oct: Currently there is the plan of visiting either Kirstenbosch or Robben Island during the morning and early afternoon (if you want to come along, again contact Guillaume). A venue for Go for that evening is not yet finalised – send suggestions to Guillaume. Again, Guillaume will be hosting Aketa.

Thu, 19 Oct: On Thursday, the plan is to visit Stellenbosch before starting an early (15h00) club meeting in the Neelsie. The sightseeing should include a wine tour, some of the town, and the botanical gardens. Potentially, the club meeting may start in the gardens and move to the Neelsie later. Aketa-sensei will spend the evening at Steve Kroon’s flat in Stellenbosch.

Fri, 20 Oct: Aketa-sensei will spend Friday in Stellenbosch, and all interested Stellenbosch club members may come play and study with him. The initial plan is to host this at Steve Kroon’s flat, but if the numbers are too large, or the weather good, we may well move elsewhere. Aketa will stay the night at Steve Kroon’s flat again.

Sat, 21 Oct: Sometime during the late morning/early afternoon, Aketa-sensei will return to Andrew Davies’ house. He will spend the evening there.

Sun, 22 Oct and onward: not yet clear.

Other points:

1. Andrew Davies has said: “My home is open for anyone to visit Aketa-Sensei anytime (within reasonable limits!)”. Please let him know in advance if you’re planning on popping by. (Cell number: 083 317 8186).

2. Aketa-sensei is very interested in spreading Go amongst women and in previously disadvantaged communities – if you have any ideas for us to do this, particularly while Aketa-sensei is still with us, please contact us.

3. If you are able to make Go at Roxy’s on Monday, or on Wednesday night (wherever it will be), please contact Guillaume, as we may need to make reservations for space. Also, it’s useful to know how many people to expect.

4. If you want to come to the study and play session in Stellenbosch on Friday, please contact Steve Kroon so that we can find a suitably sized venue.

5. If you can host, entertain, or just provide a learning opponent for Aketa-sensei for some of the following week (22-29 Oct), please let Steve Kroon know.

6. While we are looking for people to accompany Aketa, we would prefer allowing everyone to get a chance rather that some people monopolizing him – as such, please don’t book for *all* the sightseeing activities 😉

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