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April 16th, 2011

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2010 SAGA President’s Report

South African Go Association President’s report for the year 2010/2011:

2010 was an exciting year for SA Go. Although we are no longer receiving sponsorship for delegates to travel
to the World Amateur Go Championships, Lloyd Rubidge was able to represent us, and performed excellently,
achieving a remarkable final place of 29th (out of 60), with 4 wins out of 8. Lloyd was the highest placed kyu
player, with 15 dan players finishing below him in the ratings.

Welile Gogotshe was selected to represent SAGA at the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. Although all costs to
attend the tournament were paid by the Korean Baduk Association, a number of SA go players, most notably
David Gale, sponsored his attendance at the International Go Academy in Seoul prior to the tournament. At
the tournament, he won three games out of seven, a creditable result in a tournament where almost half of the
players were above 5D.

Thanks also go out to the Cape Town players for making it possible for Welile to take part in the SA Closed
tournament, especially Andrew Davies, who offered him a place to stay, helped him with luggage and
generally kept an eye out for him.

The brand new Julius Paulu African Players’ trophy was awarded for the first time at the 2011 SA Open, which
was held in Soweto. The winner was John Leuner, who won all of his games, keeping Welile Gogotshe in
second place. There was a very strong representation by Soweto players, showing that the effects of the
Soweto Schools Go Projects are still continuing.

Sipho Mampe, Welile Gogotshe, Sello Leopeng, Ricky Pilane and some other Soweto Go stalwarts have
reconstituted the Soweto Go Club, and intend to hold regular club meetings at the Dobsonville Community
Centre, as soon as they have secured the use of the hall, which is a nominal R100 per month.

There was good continuity in the council, with only the tournament director and treasurer’s positions changing:
John Leuner took over from André Connell as treasurer, and Paul Steyn took over from Ben Gale as
Membership secretary. Our special thanks to Andrew Davies for the good work he has done on the tournament

The focus areas for SAGA in 2011-2012 will be:

  • developing South African Go, increasing awareness of the game and numbers of players. The
    challenge here is availability of go players who are able to invest significant amounts of time over a
    sufficient period to develop players and keep their interest, and our abilities to support clubs where
    there is sufficient interest, but lack of access to the internet and contact with other go players.
  • working towards increased opportunities for its members to take part in international competitions,
    such as the World Mind Sports Games, the International Pair Go Championship and the World Amateur
    Go Championship. Because it is currently impossible for us to sponsor travel to these events from
    SAGA funds, the challenge is to secure sponsorships where possible.

David Richfield
SAGA President

Official PDF here

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October 28th, 2010

Welile returns after good result in KPMC

Welile Gogotshe returned safely to South Africa today from the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. He entered the tournament at 1D, and won three games out of seven, a creditable result in a tournament where 24 of the 68 players were above 5D.

The fact that his performance put him in the middle of the pack of 1D and 2D entrants shows that our ranks in South Africa are generally in line with amateur ranks overseas.

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October 20th, 2010

News from Korea

Ben Gale says:

I will see him this weekend. It seems every time I try to call him, he is not around. But, Fritiof told me something like “He’s a good guy really, never complains about anything” and that he is having a good time. He was worried that he didn’t have enough money, but the academy guys all entered a tournament after a week or so, and Welile came 2nd, winning himself 300000won, approx R2000 – enough to be able to live/eat really well and still go home with profit. And he knows how to reach me if he has a problem.

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September 12th, 2010

Welile wins Soweto Open

The 2010 Soweto Open Go Tournament was held on 12 September 2010. The field of 13 included 3 dan players, who ended taking the top three spots: Welile beat Sipho in the third round to take top honours, and Sipho was followed by Paul in 3rd place.

Congratulations to the players who were promoted due to their games: Mosa Diphafe (now 13k), Solomon Mosepedi (now 20k), Phologo Machailoe (now 20k), Thabiso Lemeke (now 6k)

The final standings were:

 Place   Name   Rank   Club  MacMahon Score
Welile Gogotshe 1D SOW 30
Sipho Mampe 1D SOW 29
Paul Edwards 1D JHB 29
David Richfield 3K JHB 28
Thabiso Lemeke 3K SOW 28
Gordon Wells 7K PTA 23
Ricky Pilane 11K SOW 20
Ramone Deane 12K SOW 20
Mosa Diphafe 14K SOW 18
10  Brian Huma 14K SOW 17
11  Donald Makhalemele 19K SOW 12
12  Phologo Machailoe 20K SOW 11
13  Solomon Mosepedi 20K SOW 11

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August 25th, 2010

2010 Soweto Open: 12 September

The 2010 Soweto Open go tournament and AGM will take place at the Kopanong Hall Dobsonville,
Corner Luthuli and Steve Kgame Road (Dobsonville Main Road) on 12 September. Due to the short notice, this tournament will not be a qualifier for the SA Closed.

  • Registration: 09:00
  • Round 1: 09:30 – 11:00
  • Round 2: 11:15 – 12:45
  • Lunch and Soweto Go Club AGM: 13:00 – 14:00
  • Round 3: 14:00 – 15:30
  • Prizegiving: 16:00

Tournament fee: R10 (includes lunch)

Enquiries: Phone Welile Gogotshe at +27730530147 or email David Richfield at

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May 5th, 2010

Welile to represent SAGA at KPMC

Ben Gale has opted not to represent South Africa at the 2010 Korea Prime Minister’s Cup, so Welile Gogotshe has now been selected as our representative.

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February 8th, 2009

SA Open photos

Photos taken at the SA Open are now available.

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May 19th, 2007

Pictures from Cape Town Open

Some pictures from the Cape Town Open (gallery)

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May 7th, 2007

The Magic Principle to Improve, Lesson 2

The Magic Principle to Improve part 2

Translated by Aki & Victor

Subject Diagram 1

This is a 4-stone handicap game.

After being attacked by black 22,24, white play 25. Now black has a tesuji. If white 25 played A, black would play B. White has been cut off.

Diagram 1: Normal moves

At Subject Diagram 1, because of white N, even black 14, 16 have built a influence, it was ineffective. Black 14 should have played 1 to build a root, follow by 3 which is a big point. Otherwise, depends on different playing style, you can play A to attack white right group, or play B to attack 2 white stones.

Diagram 2: other advantageous moves

At subject 1, black 1 is another good move instead of black 22. After white 2, black playing wedging is very important. Until 9, whitegroup is weak because of leaving two cutting points. At this moment, if white play 10 to count attacking black, black would be safe by playing diagonal toward centre.

diagram 3: tesuji

About white 25 at subject 1, black 1 double hane is tesuji. If white 2 pulling back, black 3 atari is the sequence. Until 5, black 1 and white 2 exchanging got big profit. White shape becomes an empty triangle.

diagram 4: black got a good result

White rather play 2, 4 for this diagram than diagram 3. Black still has a strong Atari at 5, with this move black gains control of centre. The white stone at N becomes inefficient.

diagram 5: black is sufficient

White 2 can hane without atari at diagram 4, black 3 atari is still a snug move. Black 5 is important as this move completed black thickness in centre.

diagram 6: dubious strategy

Cutting off the white connection might be considered by many players, but this is a dubious strategy as white has invasion at B and big endgame move at A. Worst of all, after white jump into centre with 4, black can no long establish central thickness.

(black 9=A) diagram 7: actual game continuation

This is the actual game continuation. Black 5,7 overplay here as white gains thickness with 10, and black’s corner is insecure.

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March 31st, 2007

Victor and Aki’s translated article, pdf format

The Magic Principle to Improve

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