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October 7th, 2018

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Cape Town Open 2018, Final Standings

The Cape Town Open was held on May 19. We had a field of nine players, and many close games. On many boards, the weaker player by rating had winning positions against their opponents but failed to convert, so the final standings go according to rank.

Second and third place was determined by a “sum of sum of opponents McMahon scores” tie breaker after Sam and Chris both ended on 28 [MMS] and 83 [SOS]. There was a dead tie between Lloyd and Paul for fourth place.

Although Christiaan beat Michael in their game, they both started below the McMahon bar with Michael on 25 points and Christiaan on 26 points due to their one-stone rank difference. After one win and a bye each, Michael ended with McMahon score 27 vs Christiaan’s McMahon score 26, holding on to 7th place despite the loss.

Final standings:
1: Andrew Davies, 4d
2: Sam Scott, 3d
3: Chris Welsh, 2d
4: Lloyd Rubidge, 1d, and Paul Steyn, 1k
6: Francois van Niekerk, 4k
7: Michael Rapson, 5k
8: Christiaan Maasdorp, 6k
9: Martin Berglund, 8k

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