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December 26th, 2017

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Stellenbosch Open 2017, Final Standings

The Stellenbosch Open was held on Saturday 25 November with a smaller field due to end of year business. Nevertheless close games and a fun time were had by all who could attend.

Final Standings:

1. Andrew Davies 4D MMS 28
2. Chris Welsh* 2D MMS 26
3. Michael Rapson 5K MMS 26
4. Francois van Niekerk 4K MMS 26
5. Christiaan Maasdorp 7K MMS 25
6. Martin Berglund 8K MMS 24
7. Alastair Sloan 8K MMS 23
8. Meyer Elizabeth 14K MMS 17

* Chris Welsh had to concede his round one game due to a work conflict.

Posted by Michael Rapson in Stellenbosch, Tournaments

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