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September 25th, 2016

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SA Closed tournament: Contenders 2016 results

The finals of the 2016 SA Closed were held on 23-25 September in Cape Town.

The players participating were:

Andrew Davies 4d
Welile Gogotshe 4d
Andre Connell 3d
Sam Scott 3d
Bob Gale 2d
Chris Welsh 2d
Lloyd Rubidge 1d

The 8th player was Victor Chow 7d, who did not come for the event. The players will play against him online. The results of those games are likely to be formalities.

*Update. Victor won all seven games and is the 2016 Champion.

The over the board games were essentially for second place, but were as keenly contested nonetheless. Two of the players from Johannesburg, Andre and Welile, were a little sick, and they didn’t necessarily show their full strength. Welile, in particular, who was probably the favourite, and certainly achieved the highest result on a number of occasions, only managed to achieve one win this time around.

The final results were

1. Victor Chow (7 wins)
2. Andrew Davies (6 wins)
3. Andre Connell (4 wins)
4. Chris Welsh (4 wins)
5. Sam Scott (3 wins)
6. Lloyd Rubidge (2 wins)
7. Bob Gale (1 win)
8. Welile Gogotshe (1 win)

This means that Victor, Andrew, Andre and Chris pre-qualify the Contenders in 2017.

A reminder that the tie breaks are firstly the head to head result, and if that doesn’t work, then position in the previous tournament.

Detailed results

Round 1

Andrew beat Bob
Andre beat Chris sgf
Sam beat Welile sgf

Round 2

Chris beat Welile sgf
Andrew beat Lloyd
Andre beat Sam

Round 3

Andrew beat Sam sgf
Bob beat Welile sgf
Andre beat Lloyd sgfe

Round 4

Andrew beat Chris sgf
Lloyd beat Welile sgf
Andre beat Bob sgf

Round 5

Andrew beat Welile
Sam beat Bob
Chris beat Lloyd sgf

Round 6

Andrew beat Andre
Sam beat Lloyd
Chris beat Bob

Round 7

Welile beat Andre
Chris beat Sam sgf
Lloyd beat Bob

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