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September 6th, 2013

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WAGC Update

After eight rounds I ended up with three wins, I guess pretty average for a 1 dan. I was seeded 48th and ended 44th, which is all you can ask for I suppose. In my final round I played another 3d, but neither of us could remember much of the game. As usual at this tournament, I had the better opening, but could not maintain my lead when the combat got complicated. Groups died.

After the tournament we spent a day on the bus touring the disaster sites of north eastern Japan. It was quite something to see how levelled the place was. Apparently tsunami’s as high as 20m came through some of the sites we saw, which is a truly terrifying prospect. Many sad stories were relayed by the bus guide. However, reconstruction is going ahead swiftly, and in most places we saw there was plenty of building and earth moving activity underway. The organizers and sponsors of the tournament were very keen to impress on us that we should take away a message of hope and recovering out to the world, which I can certainly do. We didn’t go anywhere near the reactor at Fukushima, however, which I understand is going to be a lot more difficult to recover from.

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