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February 17th, 2013

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North vs. South Friendship Match 2013

February 17th 2013 is the date for the North vs. South game. Players from the greater Joburg area will play a single match against players from the greater Cape Town area.

Time limits: 45+25/10
Handicap: standard handicap

Update: Congrats to North, who won 5-3

Ben Gale (4d) vs Andrew Davies (3d); Ben won 1h
Harvey Zhang (4d) vs Sam Scott (3d); Harvey won 1h
John Leuner (2d) vs Chris Welsh (1d); John won 1h
Dave Gale (3k) vs Francois van Niekerk (4k); Francois won 1h
Andre Connell (2d) vs Paul (4k); Andre won 5h
David Richardson (4k) vs Stephen Martindale (9k); Stephen won 5h
Margot Smythe (14k) vs Max Rabkin (11k); Max won 3h
Nevar Angelo (15k) vs Rory Shea (13k); Nevar won 2h

Posted by Chris Welsh in Cape Town, Joburg, Tournaments

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One Response to “North vs. South Friendship Match 2013”

  1. Steve says:

    Glad to see a good turnout, sorry I couldn’t make it…

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