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June 3rd, 2012

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Johannesburg Open 2012

The Johannesburg Open was played today at Westgate. There were a few major upsets and rank changes.

Bob Gale won the tournament. James Nicolson was placed second and Andre Connell third.

Below is the list of placings:
1 – Bob Gale
2 – James Nicolson
3 – Andre Connell
4 – Welile Gogotshe
5 – Harvey Zhang
6 – John Leuner
7 – Dave Gale
8 – Thabiso Lemeke
9 – Zaine Deane
10 – Ramone Deane
11 – Sello Leopeng
12 – Musa Diphafa
13 – Max Rabkin
14 – Thorgal kaye
15 – Julian Calitz
16 – Musa Khumalo

Three players managed to win all their games – Bob Gale, Zaine Deane and Max Rabkin.

The following rank changes occured after the games were logged on the rating system.
Bob Gale has been promoted to 1k (and is more than half the way to 1d already!)
Ramone Deane has been promoted to 10k
Julian Calitz has been entered in the system at 18k
Musa Diphafa has been promoted to 12k
James Nicolson has been promoted to 3k
Sello Leopeng has been demoted to 10k

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2 Responses to “Johannesburg Open 2012”

  1. Chris says:

    So who beat who?

  2. Andre says:

    The upsets according to SAGA rank were:
    1’st round – James(4k) beat Andre(2d); Bob(2k) beat Harvey(4d)
    2’nd round – Andre(2d) beat Harvey(4d)
    3’rd round – Bob(2k) beat Welile(3d); James(4k) beat Dave(3k)

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