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December 4th, 2011

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2011 Cape Town Blitz Tournament results

Chris Welsh was the winner (on tiebreak, against Lloyd Rubidge) of the 2011 Cape Town blitz tournament

There were nine players who took part in the 2011 tournament, held on 22 November, at the usual venue of the Touch of Madness restaurant. The tournament was very informally run, with the pairing done by a combination of random draw and rough attempts to match players with the same number of wins. The odd number of players meant a bye player had to be selected each round, which further complicated matters.

The players were:

Andrew Davies 3d
Konrad Scheffler 2d
Sam Scott 2d
Chris Welsh 1d
Steve Kroon 1k
Lloyd Rubidge 1k
Francois van Niekerk 5k
Paul Steyn 7k
Rory Shea 14k

The tournament was a full handicap tournament, which meant that anyone had an equal chance to win

Round 1 saw Rory beating Andrew (no advantages for the stronger player), Lloyd beating Francois, Konrad beating Steve on time (how often does Konrad win on time?!) and Sam beating Paul, with Chris taking the bye in the first round.

Round 2 saw Andrew beating Chris, Konrad beating Rory, Francois beating Paul, Lloyd beating Sam, with Steve taking the bye. After two rounds, Lloyd and Konrad were leading with two wins each.

Round 3 saw Lloyd taking a decisive lead by beating Konrad, with Chris beating Rory, Sam beating Andrew, Francois beating Steve, and Paul taking the bye. Lloyd was now on three wins, with Francois, Chris, Konrad and Sam on two wins. (Note that the bye players got credited with a full win).

Round 4 saw Lloyd taking the bye, thus guaranteeing him a share of the title. Additionally, round 4 saw Sam beating Francois, Chris beating Konrad, Paul beating Andrew, Rory beating Steve and Lloyd taking the bye. After round 4, Lloyd was on four wins, with Chris and Sam on three wins. Since Sam had already played Lloyd, this meant Chris played Lloyd for a share of the title.

Round 5 saw some significant drama. Sam would have been hoping that Chris beat Lloyd, and that he could beat Rory, while obviously Chris would have been hoping to beat Lloyd. In the event, Chris did beat Lloyd, in that most dramatic of fashions, by a mere half point. In the event Sam was unable to overcome the enormous komi he had to give Rory. This meant that Chris and Lloyd shared the title, but since Chris beat Lloyd in the head to head match, Chris won on a tiebreak. Other results in round 5 were Francois beating Andrew and Steve beating Paul (Konrad took the bye). Andrew, the winner in 2010 and 2009, was thus last with only one win (against Chris, the tournament winner). After Chris and Lloyd, Francois, Konrad, Sam and Rory finised on the three wins and thus shared 3rd place.

For stats lovers, there were 20 matches played, with 8 won on time, 7 by points, and 5 by resign.

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