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October 24th, 2011

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KPMC Day 2 round-up

As promised, here’s my round-up of day 2:

I started with a win against Marcos Sakurada 1d from Brazil – I made several bad mistakes in the endgame, but my lead was enough for me to still hang on by a small margin. Next I was drawn against Bahadur Tahirbayov 6d from Azerbaijan, who had been having a bad tournament. He started by forcing my corner group into terrible and almost dead shape, so I sacrificed it and made a huge moyo while he spent time capturing it. At this point he was probably overconfident – he entered too deep and I managed to kill his invading stones, giving me a winning position. But unfortunately this left me in byo-yomi (30 seconds per move) and he kept trying tricks until I missed a simple tactic and had to resign. A disappointing finish after having him on the ropes. My final game was against Jose Lara Contreras 4d from Columbia – we seemed quite evenly matched and I seemed to have good chances, but in the end the bad shape I had left behind in a misplayed joseki came back to haunt me and I lost a group. So I finished on 2 wins and a poor tiebreak despite having had some tough draws.

In other news, the tournament was won by an eleven year old boy from China who seemed to have no trouble at all dispatching all of his opponents by comfortable margins, including the player from Korea. He qualified for the tournament by missing out on pro qualification on tiebreak, so expect to see the name Zijian Chen among the pros a few years from now.

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