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October 21st, 2011

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KPMC this weekend

A quick note from Pohang, Korea: the players have all arrived and are ready for the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup which will be played this weekend. The food is awesome, as is the dedicated Baduk-TV television channel. 60 players from 59 countries will be playing (there was one no-show who got replaced by a representative from the host town). This year there are only 6 rounds, so a Macmahon-style rule is in place to speed up the draw, with players rated higher than 3d starting on 1 Macmahon point instead of 0. (So effectively all us weaklings 3d and below are deemed to have already lost a game.) My first round game will be against Hatime Araki 2d from Morocco. I’ll try to post an update after round 3 tomorrow.

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