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October 13th, 2011

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South African selection criteria for WMSG Go events

At the SAGA council meeting of 3 October, the following selection criteria for future editions of the World Mind Sport Games were adopted. They make use of tournament results for selection, but representatives have points deducted from the same credit point system used for the current selection of representatives for the KPMC and WAGC.

  1. To be eligible for selection, a player must (i) be a South African citizen by the earlier of (a) 6 months before the scheduled event start and (b) 1 month before the deadline for submitting the list of team members. (ii) have been a member of SAGA for ten of the twelve months prior to the earlier of (a) 6 months before the scheduled event start and (b) 1 month before the deadline for submitting the list of team members.
  2. Selection will be based on tournament results as far as possible: (a) Selection of representatives for the pair-go event will be based on the placing of male-female pairs in the most recent South African Rengo tournament held. Ideally, such a tournament will be run annually, or a tournament will be run specifically for selection. (b) Selection for all other events will be based on placement in the most recently completed SA Closed. (c) If these tournaments do not yield sufficient numbers for selection, further selection will be based on SAGA ratings.
  3. Representatives at the WMSG will have representatives points deducted from their credit points balance. However, a player’s attendance at the WMSG does not preclude him from attending other international tournaments, and vice versa. The points deduction will also not depend on the number of events the participant competes in at the WMSG.
  4. Participation in multiple events will be encouraged in order to maximize South Africa’s participation by the contingent selected to attend the event. In other words, those attending the event may take part in other events for which they qualify if we are not otherwise sending representatives for those events. Participation in these events will be allocated on an opt-in basis, with one opportunity offered repeatedly in decreasing order of strength (using wrap-around if necessary).

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