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June 1st, 2011

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WAGC 32 Day 4

It appears that the draw announced at the end of day 3 was in error. In round 7, Ben played against the 3d player from Colombia, and was successful in that game, which puts him at 4 wins out of 7. In the final round, Ben plays against the Israel representative, Jonathan Lidor (who is about 2d, possibly a little stronger). Lidor has been doing well, so this will be a very tough game for Ben.

Update: Ben lost his final game, and ends up with 4/8 wins, placing him 31st.

Overall: As expected, the Chinese player won the tournament with 8/8 wins, with the Korean player the runner up. The astonishing loss in round 3 of the 7d Japanese player Hirata (a former winner) to the Norwegian 4d meant that the Japan didn’t occupy third place, which went to Eric Lui of USA (a fantastic result), with 4th place going to Debarre of France. Hirata took 5th. One surprising result was the Hong Kong player Chan (kghin on KGS) only ending up 15th.

Another player to watch is the 4d player from Poland, Chwedyna. He started the tournament like a bomb, winning his first 4 games, playing some really strange openings, e.g. making a ponnuki in the center with his first 4 moves, or opening on the 2nd line. Some of his games can be seen here. Three of Ben’s games are also available at that link (unfortunately all losses)

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the updates during the tournament, Chris!

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