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May 16th, 2011

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Andrew Davies wins 2011 Cape Town Open

Over the last few years, Andrew Davies and Konrad Scheffler have dominated the Western Cape go scene. The 2011 Cape Town Open was no exception, with the same two players playing in the final decisive game to decide the champion. Andrew eventually prevailed by 4.5 points to take back the title from Konrad, who was the 2010 winner.

Another notable result was the 3/3 wins of Chris Herries, who only started playing in September 2010. He was ad-hoc promoted from 8k to 5k just before the tournament, and confirmed that it was probably too conservative an adjustment!

Full Results
1. Andrew Davies 2d (3 wins)
2. Konrad Scheffler 2d (2 wins)
3. Chris Welsh 1d (2 wins)
4. Steve Kroon 1k (1 win)
5. Sam Scott 1d (1 win)
6. Lloyd Rubidge 1k (0 wins)
7. Chris Herries 5k (3 wins)
8. Jochen Bethke 5k (2 wins)
9. Rory Shea 15k (1 win)
10. Mike Blignaut 15k (0 wins)

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