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September 1st, 2010

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Mini Chinese Lecture Notes

Attached is an sgf of a 6 day lecture series by Jin Jing 2p (English name Jack, aka smartrobot on KGS) on the mini Chinese opening. The main line shows a 52 move whole board joseki which is considered best play by both players, and ends with an even result. There are many variations along the way, for instance, at move 13, there are variations which show the so-called Korean, Chinese and Japanese ways, while at move 52, some invasion possibilities are demonstrated for white.

Jack was basing the lectures on a book from a few years ago, and in some variations he didn’t agree with conclusions, which are noted. In addition, some conclusions are just “ko”, or “seki”, and are not necesssarily fully played out. These should be verified if in doubt.

I found the lecture series very interesting and I hope some of what I learnt can be discovered from the sgf. I recommend using an sgf viewer that clearly illustrates where variations are available, such as CGoban.

Mini Chinese Lecture Notes

Posted by Chris Welsh in Game Reviews

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One Response to “Mini Chinese Lecture Notes”

  1. Steve says:

    Wow – this is really incredibly cool! Gonna take a long time to work through, though. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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