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August 2nd, 2010

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Victor wins 3rd quarter 2010 SAGA internet tournament

We again had a reasonably strong turn-out on Saturday, We need to encourage more mid-kyu players to take part. It was great to have Mareck join us, and bravely tackle opponents all at least 10 stones stronger. Ben again played from Korea, and Chris joined us from China. His result suggests the training is already paying dividends. A bit of humour was added by Victor only beating Ben by 1.5 points. He was foiled in his aim of a 0.5 point victory by Ben cunningly losing an extra point.
Congatulations to:
– Victor for winning the tournament.
– Dave Gale on winning group 2
– Sam and Chris on their upset results against the 2-dan players.
– Francois van Niekerk on his promotion to 7k.

Thanks to all who took part and we look forward to seeing you all at the 4th quarter tournament on 6 Nov.
The final results after 3 rounds were:
1. Victor Chow
2-4. Ben Gale, Sam Scott, Chris Welsh
5-7. Konrad Scheffler, , Andrew Davies, Lloyd Rubidge
8. David Richfield
9. David Gale
10. Francois van Niekerk
11. Alexander du Plessis
12. Burt Rabie

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