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May 28th, 2010

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31st WAGC, Day 3

In round 5, Lloyd beat the 1k player from Peru, Carlos Rios-Joels.

In the first game today I beat Peru. It was a good game. I started poorly as I often do (got to work on that Fuseki), but I think he went the wrong direction and I pulled ahead. At the beginning of the endgame I judged I was 20 points ahead, plus komi. At the end of the game I had won by about that. I have the opening written down, so I can show it at the Cape Town club.

In round 6, Lloyd beat the 2d player from Turkey, Bertan Bilen, by default.

The second game was won by default as the player from Turkey did not turn up until it was too late. They give only 15 minutes grace before they declare the game and he turned up after 20 (he fell asleep at lunch time). I was not pleased, but I’m quite happy to have 3 wins.
But that puts me at 3 out of 6, so the last 2 games should be HARD!

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