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May 27th, 2010

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31st WAGC, Day 2

Lloyd lost to the 5d from Denmark, Kasper Hornbaek.

I lost first to a 5 dan from Denmark. I didn’t mind that, I felt that I played reasonably well and he had to do a lot of thinking. He even went down to his last boyomi period. But he played calm, sensible go and I never felt badly outplayed.

The Lloyd lost the 1d from Belarus, Alexandr Suponev.

But the 1 dan from Belarus was a different story. He played all kinds of moves which were unusual (to me), and unreasonable it seems. I didn’t punish them enough, and I made some bad mistakes. At one stage, early in the game, I felt I had the better position, but it fell apart. I resigned in the early endgame.

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