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March 22nd, 2010

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Victor and Carle knocked out of Pair Go Champs in Round 1

Not exactly surprising, as they met the pair from China. Victor presumably persuaded Carle to have a go at his 5-5, 6-4 opening, but the Chinese pair had no difficulty in coping with this unusual opening, and despite black creating some enormous moyo’s, easily won the game, forcing a resign after 118 moves.

The game record can be viewed here:

Note, however, that it is in ugi format, which basically means you need the panda egg client installed on your PC. I can see no way to convert this to sgf format.

Posted by Chris Welsh in Game records, Tournaments


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3 Responses to “Victor and Carle knocked out of Pair Go Champs in Round 1”

  1. Francois Van Niekerk says:

    SGF Format of China vs South Africa:

  2. Francois Van Niekerk says:

    Sorry, link disappeared:

  3. Steve says:

    Apparently a major news site in China misreported this result – Victor sent this comment from Hong Kong:
    “One breaking news over the Sina site, the misreport of South African pair defeated Chinese pair in the 1st round generated huge interestes. The sina live broadcasting facilities swtiched the team somehow, and there has been hype about ow can the chinese pros played such a poor games.. haha!”

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